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  • The First And Only President Of The Philippine Republic

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    The Philippine Republic The First Philippine Republic popularly known as Malolos Republic was inaugurated at the Barosoain Church on January 23, 1899. This was also the first republic in Asia. Emilio Aguinaldo took his oath of office as the President of the Republic. He stated the aspiration of the nation “to live under the democratic regime of the Philippine Republic, free from the yoke of foreign domination”. The people rejoiced; appropriate festivities marked the day throughout the land. 1

  • The Methods Being Used By Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte Essay

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    Are the methods being used by Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte the best way to handle the ongoing drug war in the Philippines? His supporters say that his methods have been effective in eradicating illegal drugs from the streets. They claim that unlike Duterte’s predecessors, who have done very little to battle the many problems that have been plaguing the country for many years, he already has done much to fight many issues that involve crime, corruption, and most of all, illegal drugs. However

  • The United States And Philippine Government Essay

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    times, the Philippines has been a central ally in the United States’ Asian and Pacific policies. The government structure is similar to that of the United States, including a legislative, judicial, executive branch that independent in their roles. Since becoming a nation independent from the United States, the Philippines has seen its share of success and failure. In the past three years the government has dealt with natural disasters, terrorism, and Chinese aggression. While the Philippine and United

  • The Country Of The Philippines

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    The country of the Philippines has taken on a whole new perspective since the election of President Rodrigo Duterte in 2016. The countries drug problem has been reduced in a drastic way. The new President is making huge decisions on the countries relations with the United States, and he is now in the process of creating ties with China and Russia. The use of drugs in the Philippines has led to overcrowded prisons, disease outbreaks, and economic strain. Roughly three percent of the one hundred

  • Justin Bautista. Mr. Jablonski. 4/24/17. Term Paper. Political

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    Jablonski 4/24/17 Term paper Political corruption in the Philippines In the Philippines, there is an abundance of political corruption..This corruption can be stopped if Rodrigo Duterte stays as president and doesn’t get impeached. Political corruption has been in the Philippines since the 1960s. During the 1960s is when president Ferdinand Marcos was elected. Ferdinand Marcos was president from 1965 to 1986. But before he was president he also had many other political jobs. Ferdinand Marcos or

  • Spanish Leadership and Cruelty in An expedition by Miguel López de Legazpi

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    Philippines Research Paper 30,000 years ago, it is believed that the Negritos have migrated to the Philippines from Borneo, Sumatra, and Malaya. Following that, the Malayans followed in successive waves. The Malayan culture has survived to this day among certain groups such as the Igorots. The later Malayan tribes that came had more highly developed cultures. In the 14th century, Arab traders introduced Islam to the islands and extended their influence. In 1521, the Portuguese explorer Ferdinand

  • What Did The Maoist Insurgency Influence The Declaration Of Martial Law

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    influence the declaration of Martial law in the Philippines on 1972?” “What events influenced the decision to declare Martial Law in the Philippines in 1972?” Introduction: As a Filipina living as an expatriate, I have travelled and lived around the world and meeting new people and other Filipinos with different backgrounds. I was interested to what specific event affected their belief. The Martial law in 1972 is a major event in the history of the Philippines that caused disorder and violence against

  • Cultural Enlightenment And The Republic Of The Philippines

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    Friendly Status? Cultural enlightenment of The Republic of The Philippines. SSG Michael Morrissey 13F40 SLC 507-17 Friendly Status? Cultural enlightenment of The Republic of The Philippines. For hundreds of years the Republic of The Philippines has had a long and prosperous history. For one to truly analyze the culture of the Philippines, one would have to look at the components of what makes their culture. The Philippines has a rich and illustrious culture which involves language, integration

  • The Culture Of The Philippines

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    For hundreds of years the Republic of The Philippines has had a long and prosperous history. For one to truly analyze the culture of the Philippines, one would have to look at the components of what defines their culture: integration of Spanish and American influences, to include languages, religion, cuisine, and a booming economy. There is no denying that culture is what unites and defines a country and a region, and the Republic of the Philippines is truly deep-rooted in culture. Roughly 79

  • Philippine Government

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    periods in Philippine history, we can see that our present government system is somehow shaped and patterned from the previous systems that prevailed in our country. Pre – historically we have seen how they established their government and basically, we can say that it is far more primitive than the present system that we have. However, the basic principles like the consultation of the datus to the elders can somehow be seen in the present by the presence of political advisers where our president consults