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  • Ukraine as a ‘Bridge’ Between Russia and European Union

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    For my essay I’ve chosen the topic: ‘Ukraine as a ‘bridge’ between Russia and EU’. I found it really interesting, especially in current situation, after the Presidential elections. And, of course, the topic is very important to me, as I’m Ukrainian and studying in the country, which belongs to EU. In this paper it would be considered: reasons of forming of current situation in Ukraine; relationships and perspective of development of them with Russia; relationships and perspective of development of

  • Essay on Expand Ukraine’s Political Ambitions

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    The month of November in Ukraine was interesting, to say the least. Politically, the Ukrainian President, Viktor Yanukovych attempts to reform amending bills, while also socially ignoring the decline in press freedom. However, a major noteworthy article appeared on the stands: Ukraine goes offshore. This article is probably one of the most important events that occurred in November, which discusses revenue lost on offshore tax schemes. As an attempt to electronically expand Ukraine’s political

  • The Ukrainian Chemical Industry And Petrochemical Businesses

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    Ukrainian chemical industry includes chemical and petrochemical businesses. Products produced in Ukraine include mineral fertilisers, non-organic acids, such as sulphuric acid, and sodium bicarbonate. The petrochemical industry also manufactures car and motor-cycle tyres, hoses, and consumer goods. While some of these items have applications in CW and CW decontamination, it is extremely unlikely that Ukraine is using them in this context given the absence of several other important components. State-owned

  • The Media and THe Ucranie Crisis Essay

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    This paper will discuss the dominant political ideologies presented in news coverage regarding the Ukraine crisis. Tensions within Ukraine started escalating in November of 2013 when Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych rejected a European Union trade deal and accepted a loan offered by Russia to relieve Ukraine’s financial strain (Hepburn, 2014). Many Ukrainian’s want a European trade deal to strengthen European relations and eliminate their ties with the Russian government (Hepburn, 2014). Civilians

  • Communism And The Soviet Union

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    especially hard to cut. Ukraine, in particular, struggled mightily to break away from the Russian communists, and that struggle is still continuing today. In the form of a corrupt government and pro-Russian supporters in South and Eastern Ukraine, roadblocks were created on the Ukrainian road to democracy that they are still trying to maneuver. In analyzing the challenges posed to Ukraine in their continuing transition to a liberal democracy, it is important to start in 1990, when Ukraine officially declared

  • Taking a Look at the Russian-Ukraine Conflict

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    Government’s decision to turn down the European Union proposed “association agreement” in 2013 and instead Ukraine’s President Viktor Yanukovych accepted fifteen billion dollars in aid and other economic benefits from Russian President Vladimir Putin. For years Ukrainians have yearned for economic reform that would seek to open new trade and economic ties with Western European countries. President Yanukovych’s decision to reject the EU’s proposal ignored the feeling of the majority of Ukrainian citizens

  • Ukraine Case Study

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    suitable option for the final comparison paper against Finland. Ukraine shares a longstanding history with Russia having only attained independence in 1991, and aimed to cultivate a relationship with Western Europe, particularly the European Union (EU). Discouragingly, twenty six years after independence Ukraine wrestles with a depleted economy inherited from former and first President Leonid Kravchuk. Leonid Kuchma, the country’s second president, only fared slightly better than his predecessor but soon

  • Political Corruption By Government Officials For Illegitimate Personal Gain

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    Throughout history, several sovereign nations across the world have been subject to political corruption by government officials for illegitimate personal gain. Corruption used to be a low profile line item. However, today it has reached heights at which the government must get involved to try and cover it up to ensure its secrecy and avoid exploitation. This instance is referred to as Crony Capitalism, which is a theory that has evolved from corruption over a period of time. This idea involves

  • Essay about The Rise of Colonies and the Causes of Revolutions

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    The Rise of Colonies and the Causes of Revolutions Imperialism is known as taking over the political and military aspects of a territory and colonialism is the movement of a large amount of people from their home area to the newly seized region. Imperialism usually occurs first over an area and then comes the colonialism period of the newly apprehended territory (Soomo, 2013a). Discussion Discovery of North America occurred in 1492 by Christopher Columbus. There were already millions of Native

  • Corrupt Politics, President 's Escape And More For New Ukraine

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    Corrupt politics, president’s escape and more to New Ukraine. Introduction Ukraine made the news a lot in the past year, but for anything Ukraine discovered or made. In the past year the country has been in crisis due to the events that started off as a riot for Ukraine becoming a part of EU and leading to annexation of Crimea and war in east part of the country. Ukraine has been ruled by corrupt politicians and oligarchs and has been strongly influenced by Russia. These two countries always had