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  • How Private Military Companies Affect Modern Africa

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    mercenaries were not employed by at least one side, if not both. With the growth of professionalized military companies and the loss of political will to deploy conventional forces by Western countries, the usage of mercenaries is only going to increase. This growth is leading to studies about the ethical, economic, and political applications and ramifications regarding private military companies and their future use in Africa. This literature review examines policy experts' and political scientists'

  • The Foreign Policy Strengths For The Privatized Combat Role

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    the military, some of the policy options available can include mission types and the variety of roles from non-combat to combat. Force agility is defined as an armed force’s scalability, physical mobility, and adaptability. Force agility is mostly understood as a tactical level capability but the potential to provide agile capabilities can

  • The World Of International Studies

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    world of international studies there are many bias parties and individuals as there are drastically differing viewpoints regarding hot topic issues in the field. This makes for an exciting endeavor when conducting research on topics such as Private Military Companies as all different types of political personalities arise when such subjects are debated over. This characteristics of the international relations area of study also becomes apparent when authors of scholarly journals and public websites debate

  • The Battle Of The War On The State, And Post Cold War

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    Introduction: Ever since the Napoleonic Wars, war was a concept that was considered to be under the purview of the State, however this belief is inherently wrong. In all of history, warfare has been engaged by private actors as opposed to the State. In fact, the State as the dominant actor in warfare should be understood as the exception, rather than the norm. Even though the State has not been the dominant actor in warfare, there were certainly multiple attempts by the State to control, or have

  • Private Security Forces in Iraq

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    Private Security Forces In Iraq The on-going war in Iraq has been a war that has changed the tactics in which war is fought. The war in Iraq has been fought mainly through the use of aerial missiles and by surprise, a large number of women. This current war has demonstrated the change of times and the rise of the information age. But the most surprising aspect of the war in Iraq is the large sum of private security forces patrolling Iraq. These private security forces have amassed to around 20

  • The War Of The Great And Hannibal Barca

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    families or rulers. Many wars are now fought by the countries formed military, but many are not aware that battles are fought by a new kind of warrior, private military companies (PMC) or better known as mercenary army’s. A mercenary is traditionally defined as “a group or person who takes part in an armed conflict who is not a national or a party to the conflict and is motivated to take part in the hostilities by the desire for private

  • The Work Of A Mercenary

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    performing some sort of military duty, for pay, without nationalist allegiance, has been a job “...since the dawn of warfare, from Xenophon 's ‘ten thousand’ Greeks hired to fight in Persia to the Swiss Guards who protect the Vatican today (Blood and Treasure). Simply put, Mercenaries are nothing new. However only in the last 60 or so years has a new, modern form of mercenary work come into practice. Modern mercenaries today often function in the form of a Private Military Corporation or PMC. These

  • A Brief Note On The Private Security Companies

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    I. Introduction Private Security Companies (PSC) are companies that offer military and security services around the world in austere and undeveloped nations, as well as in developing and democratizing states. Made up of highly-skilled individuals, PSCs have available to them an arsenal of unique and coveted capabilities their clients consider essential in their specific environment. From a dangerous armed combat mission to more fulfilling mission of supporting humanitarian aid, PSCs offer the ability

  • Collateral Damage with the Frontier Resource Group

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    thought was right? Think about the impact that would occur on others around us. The US has several groups of privatized military men that engage in military tactics around the world. Where collateral fallout and world conflict arise, the privatized military group known as Frontier Resource Group conducts military missions. Mercenary, Erik Prince, founder of the privatized military organization known as Frontier Resource Group, used his navy seal background and information obtained from the CIA to

  • Benefits Of A Mercenary

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    its objective is to create a career in the foreign army. In simple words, it is career profile, where candidates will be hired to work and deliver their duties in the foreign army. Moreover, it is like the work profile which comes with an army or military background. Now that you have known about the profession of Mercenary, you must be keen to know why you should become one. It is also important for you to know that a mercenary does