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    must ask the question “where does product liability end and consumer responsibility begin?” This question has been further complicated by occurrences that stretch to the most far-reaching ends of this spectrum, the spectrum ranging from strict product liability of the company to complete consumer responsibility. On the strict product liability of the company side, we have the cigarette industry where the CEOs of the largest cigarette companies denied that their product was liable for the cause of addiction

  • Case Analysis : Product Liability

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    1) Product liability is a law where the manufacturer, supplier seller and others who produce and sell products to the public are responsible for the injuries that is caused by that product. When individuals are harmed by an unsafe product, they may have a cause of action against the persons who designed, manufactured, sold, or furnished that product 2) Other causes of actions in the personal injury complaint - which is the failure to exercise the standard of care that a reasonable person would

  • Medical Products Liability Lawsuit Case

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    Medical Products Liability Claims in the Wake of Coleman v. Medtronic The California Court of Appeals’ decision in Coleman v. Medtronic has made it easier for plaintiffs to pursue medical products liability claims. In the landmark 2014 decision, the court held that the state law tort claims asserted by the plaintiff were not federally preempted. The decision is part of a growing body of medical products liability law regarding the circumstances under which a state law claim can impose "parallel"

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    Product Liability Research Paper Shericia Bonnett Professor Kapalko LEG 500 – Law and Ethics In the Business Environment 09/09/2012 Consumers use a variety of products on a daily basis to assist them in accomplishing a task or completing a project and they expect the product to be properly designed and safe to use. However, in the event that a product is defective and causes injury to the person using it, the manufacturer may be liable for the injury and have to compensate the injured

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    Product Liability This week's question concerns liability and moral responsibility in consumer products. As the question is multi-part, the answer will be likewise. To begin, the first question addresses who should be liable for the voluntary actions of others. Specifically, if substantial information concerning the hazards of a product or service has been offered to the consumer, who is to blame if someone is injured? Similar to most questions derived from this course, the answer is "it depends

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    Shalene Kolchek can sue Val Porter, a dealer who sells and sold the spa to Kolchek to recover Litisha’s injuries under the product liability for misrepresentation. She can also sue Great Lakes to recover Litisha’s injuries under the product liability based on negligence and strict product liability. Based on misrepresentation, Val Porter gave Kolchek the manufacturer’s paperwork intending to induce Kolchek reliance on the manufacturer’s paperwork resulting in reckless disregard for the facts of

  • Overview: Contracts and Product Liability

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    Background to Contracts and Product Liability A contract is an agreement that is voluntarily entered into by two or more parties that specifically causes a legal obligation. Within the original contact there is, then, the expectation that all parties would perform as agreed unless the parties agree together to change the terms of the contract, or the actions of the party that deviates from the terms of the contract are ratified (implicitly accepted) by the other party. Product liability is an area of law

  • Examples Of Liability For Negligence

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    injured her eyes. The defendants knew of this danger but negligently omitted to warn the plaintiff about that . The defendants were held liable in tort towards her. Liability towards ultimate transferee There are two categories under which Liability towards ultimate transferee can be assigned: a. Liability for fraud, and b. Liability for negligence Case Example: In langridge v levy (1837) 2 M&W 519, the defendant sold a gun to plaintiff’s father for use of the plaintiff and stated that the same

  • Consumer Protection Under The Existing Laws

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    more precisely. 5.2 Consumer Protection Act 1987 The Consumer Protection Act 1987 imposes liability for defective products on producers and suppliers. In 1985 the Council of the EC promoted a Directive on liability for defective products. The main objective of the Consumer Protection Act is to ensure the better protection of consumers and introduced the notion of strict liability for defective products into UK Law. Part I of the Consumer Protection Act 1987 was passed to give effect to this Directive

  • The Pros And Cons Of Breach Of Warranty

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    Everyday billions of consumers purchase products across the entire world. As natural consumers, this is a way to buy things that are seen as beneficial for whatever the reason may be. This could include benefitting one’s health or well-being or simply meeting personals wants and needs. In the United States, buying and selling products is so common that many underlying factors of what goes into the process go unnoticed, up until something goes wrong. As a consumer, you naturally expect that what you