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    PROFESSION OF ARMS The purpose of this paper is to express a set of views on the ethical obligations of members of the American profession of arms in order to stimulate thoughtful discussion and broader debate about the proper limits of acceptable and effective professional conduct. These views are focused for most part on the obligations of commissioned officers, but they apply in many ways to the public and private conduct of senior non-commissioned officers, and indeed, all military

  • The Profession Of Arms

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    As the Profession of Arms, we have the unique trust of the American public. As part of that trust, we Human Resources Non-Commissioned Officers must strive to maintain and improve our record keeping by enforcing higher standards, improving morale and all Army values such as Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity and Personal Courage. One key task of Human Resources Non-Commissioned Officers is to advise all levels of commands on these issues. Continuing the Army ethic

  • Profession of Arms

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    What does it mean to be a Profession? Professions produce uniquely expert work, not routine or repetitive work. Medicine, theology, law, and the military are ―social trustee forms of professions. 1 Effectiveness, rather than pure efficiency, is the key to the work of professionals—the sick want a cure, the sinner wants absolution, the accused want exoneration, and the defenseless seek security. Professionals require years of study and practice before they are capable of expert work. Society is

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    The Profession of Arms As Defined, Dissected and Debunked Along with any healthy debate comes, the original textbook definition of the subject being discussed. Since this is a report and not an oral debate, I have the privilege of expressing my opinions without the consequence of being challenged by an adversary. We will get to my perception of “The Profession of Arms” shortly. For now, let’s get the official, Uncle Sam approved, campaign winning definition out of the way. The complete

  • The Army As A Profession Of Arms

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    Over centuries, the Army established and continues to validate itself as a Profession of Arms. As a department of the US Military, the Army earns this title by providing the unique service of defending the Constitution and the American people. In order to be a Profession of Arms then, the Soldiers that fill the Army’s ranks must be professionals. These professionals are morally and legally bound by the Army ethics to constantly develop their occupation specialties and apply them “ethically, effectively

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    plays a vital role in the Army Profession of Arms. An Army professional must have various attributes of good character and leadership skills and the “Be, Know, Do” qualities to be called a profession at all. All leaders must embrace the challenge of balancing multiple responsibilities at once within their profession in order to accomplish any mission. As a United States Army Human Resources Sergeants, we must always consider the culture of the Army and its Profession as an important factor to mission

  • What Is The Profession Of Arms

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    THE PROFESSION OF ARMS BY SGT TIMOTHY J. ALLEN 1 Undoubtedly, reading through the 18 page white paper entitled, “THE PROFESSOIN OF ARMS: I AM AN EXPERT AND I AM A PROFESSIONAL” is one of the hardest tasks I have ever had to complete. The document comes chocked full of unfamiliar jargon and reads like a foreign language all together. However, I don’t necessarily believe anyone would need to have a complete understanding of the entire context found inside the article in order to form an opinion

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    Human resource Sergeants responsibility for profession of arms is one of the most important values we have. To better understand the importance of the profession of arms; I will explain the meaning of profession of arms. The profession includes key factors which are expertise, trust, development, values, and service. Each factor is what makes profession of arms attainable. One way to excel at the profession of arms is to do what is best for the United States. We serve the people of the United States

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    The Profession of Arms is generally not a profession easy to understand. The professional culture itself is unique with an environment and climate not found anywhere else. This profession breaks down into many different branches lead by many different professionals. Taking place as one of those professionals is the Human Resources Sergeant (HR SGT). Our profession is in a position to serve within the U.S Army. That’s what make the HR Sergeant unique. As HR SGTs on top of serving the people of the

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    The Profession of Arms The Role of Human Resources Sergeant in the Profession of Arms I have never thought of the Army as not being a profession of arms. To me it has always been one in the same, but as we look back in history, we see that it has not always been that way. It was that only Officers and Warrant Officers were the only ones in the Army considered professionals. Noncommissioned Officers (NCO) were looked at more in the light of being worker bees or blue-collared workers and not professionals