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  • Programming

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    Programming Programming Logic and Design, 6th Edition Chapter 3 Exercises 1. In Figure 3-10 the process of buying and planting flowers in the spring was shown using the same structures as the generic example in Figure 3-9. Describe some other process with which you are familiar using exactly the same logic. Answer: Student answers will vary widely. They should come up with processes that fit the generic logic shown in Figure 3-9. Some examples could include: making a dentist appointment

  • Introduction To Programming Language WHAT IS PROGRAMMING? “COMPUTER PROGRAMMING IS THE

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    Introduction To Programming Language WHAT IS PROGRAMMING? “COMPUTER PROGRAMMING IS THE ART OF MAKING A COMPUTER DO WHAT YOU WANT IT TO DO” A program is aaa collection of instructions written in any programming language. They tell a computer how to perform a some task. It is just like a recipe which tells us how to prepare a particular dish and also describes all its ingredients and the steps to follow. Programming is also very similar in concept. WHAT IS LANGUAGE? Language is the medium

  • Programming Concepts : Programming Paradigms

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    CMP2092M Programming Paradigms – Assignment One YAT13389566 Lewis Yates YAT13389566 Lewis Yates 1 CMP2092M Programming Paradigms Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 Task One 3 Task Two 4 Task Three 8 SYNTAX 8 SEMANTICS 8 YAT13389566 Lewis Yates 2 CMP2092M Programming Paradigms YAT13389566 Lewis Yates 3 CMP2092M Programming Paradigms Task One The table below characterises the four main programming paradigms by their descriptions and scenarios in which they are suited to. Type

  • The Programming Of Programming Language Generations

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    Question (P1.1) 1) What is a programming language generations? The programming language generation is divided in 5 parts: 1 Generation programme language is Machine Language (or Binary) According to (Net industry, 2015) “First Generation is the lowest level of a computer language.” Computers were programmed by scientists using front control panels equipped with toggle switches in 1940s to 1950s. In First-generation programming language computer (was and still) converting information given by

  • Procedural Programming Of Programming Languages

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    Programming Languages Definition of the term “program” A program in computing is a predefined list of instructions that, when run or 'executed ', tell a computer to carry out a task and how to it. Overview of procedural, object orientated and event driven programs In programming, there are many different paradigms, also known as structures or styles that allow the programmer a means to build or structure different elements within a computer program. These paradigms are: procedural, event driven

  • From Rags Programming For Riches Programming

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    From Rags Programming to Riches Programming Microsoft Visual Studio.Net is an object-oriented program that is used to develop website and software application. In the early 60’s Visual Basics was developed to help beginners to learn essential programming techniques. In the 70’s when Microsoft was founded by Bill Gates programmed computers with basic. In the late 80’s and early 90’s he wanted to make programming windows program simpler, so he developed a whole new visual user interface (GUI), which

  • Linear Programming

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    The development of linear programming has been ranked among the most important scientific advances of the mid 20th century. Its impact since the 1950’s has been extraordinary. Today it is a standard tool used by some companies (around 56%) of even moderate size. Linear programming uses a mathematical model to describe the problem of concern. Linear programming involves the planning of activities to obtain an optimal result, i.e., a result that reaches the specified goal best (according to the mathematical

  • Java Programming And Object Oriented Programming

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    Java programming is widely used programming language that has a wide verity of application, such as; Mobile application, Enterprise Application, Desktop applications, etc. Java program was created by Sun Microsystems in early 1990s. It was created to solve the problem of connecting many household machines together. Java is class based and object oriented programming language. Java programming is secure, fast and reliable. It’s free and created for the general purpose. Object Oriented is refers to

  • Java Programming

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    designed in 1991 for use in embedded consumer electronic appliances. In 1995, renamed Java, it was redesigned for developing Internet applications. Java is a full-featured, general-purpose programming language that is capable of developing robust mission-critical applications. Today, it is used not only for Web programming, but also for developing standalone applications across platforms on servers, desktops, and mobile devices. It was used to develop the code to communicate with and control the robotic

  • Advantages Of Pair Programming

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    PAIR PROGRAMMING IN INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY INDUSTRY Abstract: Software industry is examining the agile software development methodologies by adopting them to few of its software projects. Industry, particularly those following the eXtreme Programming (XP) methodology, has popularized the use of pair programming. Developers often require several days to become familiar and comfortable with the dynamics and practices of pair programming when transitioning from solo programming. Extended pair programming