Progressive Conservative Association of Alberta

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  • Essay On Electoral Politics In Alberta

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    In 1971 when the Conservatives ended the Socred hold on power, the Conservative Party succeeded by “neutralizing ideology and focusing on ‘safe change,’ that is, a change of faces but not policies.” The 1971 election brought into office the Progressive Conservative Party under the leadership of Peter Lougheed; Lougheed than served as premier until 1985, when he was replaced by Don Getty. In 1986 general election, Alberta PC win the election with 61 seats, NDP getting 16 seats, liberal getting 4

  • Aladian Election Essay

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    elections following a request of the Jim Prentice to the governor of Alberta to dissolve the legislative assembly in April 2015. Further, this marked the fourth time that the people of Alberta changed their system of government. With reference to the provincial election act, the set election date was set and the people of Alberta were allowed to the polls. This election led to the majority of the progressive conservative associations of Alberta (PCs) losing their positions as several New Democratic Party

  • British Columbia And Prairie West

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    Columbia during the Depression as well as after the World War II. The Prairie West depended on the farming as their main occupation while British Columbia depended on forestry, mining and fishing. After the World War II, the Prairie West witnessed Alberta dominated by the energy industry whereas Saskatchewan and Manitoba maintained their economy by the replacing the farm sectors with the economic sectors. British Colombia acquired its name in energy and transportation sectors. The post-1945 period

  • Regionalism in Canada

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    Regionalism is a political ideology based on a collective sense of place or attachment, and is discussed in terms of Canadian society, culture, economy and politics (Westfall, 3). Canada is known internationally as a nation incorporating several multiregional interests and identities into its unification of culture. Its diverse population is comprised of numerous ethnicities, religions, sexual orientations and traditions; and all resides under one federal government. Ever since the founding of Canada

  • Rhetorical Discourse

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    Michael Sidikpramana Eng-105-02 Alberta Miranda November 27, 2015 A Rhetorical Coliseum Collectively as a society most people support the improvement of mankind; we support the advancement of medicine, technology, education, etc. But at what point do we stop moving forward, or is it human nature to constantly improve and push the limits? It seems like us humans can achieve anything we sent our minds to-after all in a span of a few decades we went from simple flying machines to taking our

  • The Sale of Indian Textiles in Canada Essay

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    The Sale of Indian Textiles in Canada Canada, with its economic and political stability offers a variety of business opportunities. With such a large population of immigrants, Canada is known for its acceptance of diverse cultures. English and French are Canada's official languages and there are many other languages spoken freely by diverse racial groups on Canadian soil. Many different religions are also practiced freely and peacefully in Canada. India has a population of 986.6 million people

  • Canada's Health Care System Essay

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    of delivering health care in Canada's most remote regions” (CBC News Online, 2006). In addition, the deal had no accountability strings attached (Doctors of Medicare, 2009). Furthermore, during the 2004 election, the Liberals indicted the Conservatives of wanting to turn Medicare into a two-tiered system (CBC News Online, 2006). After the election, Prime Minister Martin assembled the first minister’s conference on health care. The federal government and provinces` `agreed to a $41-billion infusion

  • Data Mining

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    Abstract. Data mining is concerned with analysing large volumes of (often unstructured) data to automatically discover interesting regularities or relationships which in turn lead to better understanding of the underlying processes. The field of temporal data mining is concerned with such analysis in the case of ordered data streams with temporal interdependencies. Over the last decade many interesting techniques of temporal data mining were proposed and shown to be useful in many applications. Since

  • The Effect of Electronic Journals on Scholarly Communication Essay

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    The Effect of Electronic Journals on Scholarly Communication In recent years, scholarly communication has virtually exploded into the on-line electronic world. This has brought a number of demonstrable benefits to the scholarly communication process as well as highlighting a number of inefficiencies and obstacles to the full deployment of information technology. However, the explosion has also brought a spate of credulous accounts concerning the transformative potential of information technology

  • Capital Mortgage Insurance Corporation (a)

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    Lewicki−Barry−Saunders: Negotiation: Readings, Exercises, and Cases, Fifth Edition Cases 1. Capital Mortgage Insurance Corporation (A) © The McGraw−Hill Companies, 2007 Case 1 Capital Mortgage Insurance Corporation (A) Frank Randall hung up the telephone, leaned across his desk, and fixed a cold stare at Jim Dolan. OK, Jim. They’ve agreed to a meeting. We’ve got three days to resolve this thing. The question is, what approach should we take? How do we get them to accept our offer