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    System Upgrade Project Charter Document History: Date Version # Author(s) Description of Changes 28 Sep 2004 00 K. Law Initial Draft Table of Contents 0. Purpose of This Document 3 0.1. Document Purpose 3 0.2. Reviewers 3 1. Executive Summary 4 1.1. Project Background, Purpose and Objectives 4 1.2. Business Needs 4 1.3. Schedule 4 1.4. Cost 4 1.5. Key Project Stakeholders 4 1.6. Authorization to Proceed 4 2. Project Framework 5 2.1. Project Background 5

  • Project Charter

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    Practice Management System for EHR Procurement For Dr. Jean Simmons Project Charter Review Draft Approved by Project Team Table of Content Strategic vision 3 Project Overview 3 goals and objectives 4 Project Scope 5 Deliverables 5 Project Design Assumptions 5 Time Line of Key Project Milestones 7 Project Organization 8 Team Members 8 Roles 9 Project management 10 Risks & Risk Management Approach 10 Issue and Scope Management 12 Communication Plan

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    Project Charter for the YourGard CRM Implementation Project Project Purpose and Justification YourGard is a rapidly growing technology company that provides hardware and software products for the business security sector, they currently have revenues of more than $200 million. Yourgard recently acquired the company Bio-Gard, a leader in the access control market who had revenues of $80 million and is best known for their biometric technology and sophisticated management software. Yourgard

  • Project On Project Charter Template

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    PROJECT CHARTER TEMPLATE This Project Charter Template is free for you to copy and use on your project and within your organization. We hope that you find this template useful and welcome your comments. Public distribution of this document is only permitted from the Project Management Docs official website at: PROJECT CHARTER RECORD UR NUMBERS ON EACH INVOICE FOR HOSPITALS AMBULANCE VICTORIA LOCKED BAG 9000 BALLARAT, VIC, 3354 25TH AUGUST 2016 TABLE OF CONTENTS

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    Project Charter Project Name: Company: Division: Department: Process or Product: XYZ Computer System XYZ Manufacturing Company Ltd. Computer Systems Information Technology Servers and Displays manufacturing Prepared By: Document Owners Ken Owttrim John Smith Joe Blow Project or Organization Role Project Manager Director, IT – Project Owner VP, Manufacturing – Project Sponsor Version Control Ver # 0 Date 02/01/09 Author Ken Owttrim John Smith Joe Blow Change Description Document created 1 2

  • Project Proposal For The Charter

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    Project Closeout The project was initiated with the creation of the charter. The charter was made to set up the project and summarize its goals, vision, objectives, constraints, deliverables, scope, business needs, assumptions and vision. Throughout the whole project, the charter was used as a reference to remind us what the purpose of the project was. The project charter formally established the legitimacy of the project and allowed the project manager to have an authority over applying organizational

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    Project Charter A Vacation to Remember Kaplan University Project Management IT 301 April 6, 2013 Lewis Travel Investors A Family Vacation Project Charter Project Name: Family Vacation Project Manager: Mrs. Lewis Project Tracking Number: 5511-6677 Project Justification: The intent of the project at hand is to ensure that larger families have an enjoyable, stress free vacation within a reasonable budget. We will explore possibilities beyond the limited amount of people per hotel

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    Project Charter Example Project Name: LMT/PEL LIMS Deployment Project Prepared by John Doe and Mary Smith Date: 8/22/06 |Initiation: | | | |LABORATORY INFORMATION MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS (LIMS) DEPLOYMENT | | |February 6, 2006 (Supersedes

  • Project Management Charter

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    Project Management – Assignment 2 Project Charter Edward Bye Strayer University Project Management BUS 517 Dr. Ademola Asaya March 3, 2014 Project Charter |Project Name |Department of Defense’s (DoD) provision of electronic access to service treatment record (STR) information and| | |documentation by the Department of Veterans Affairs’ (VA) | |Date |February 16, 2014

  • Huntsville Project Charter

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    Huntsville Project Construction of a New Plant Jamie Alvarez Project Management Systems November, 2011 Senior Faculty: Donald George Project Name | NEW PLANT IN HUNTSVILLE SEITZ CORPORATION | Project Number | 1 | Project Manager | JAMIE ALVAREZ | Prioritization | 1 | Owner(s) | WALTER SEITZ | Start Date: | APRIL 17 2011 | Scheduled Completion Date: | JUNE 30 2012 | Mission | | In January 2010, the board of directors of SEITZ