Prostate-specific antigen

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  • Prostate-Specific Antigen (PSA) Analysis

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    Response # 2 Hello Marvis Bellagwa, I enjoyed reading your great post. The prostate-specific antigen (PSA) analysis is indeed the utmost essential test in men’s health utilized to screen substantial populaces for prostate cancer, which have shown to decrease the number of men with advanced prostate cancer. According to Moyer (2012), the U.S Preventive Service Task Force {USPSTF} indicated there is greatest controversial related to the efficacy or actual believability in the discovery and following

  • Diagnosis And Treatment Of Prostate Cancer

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    hard-to-cure disease like cancer. Prostate Cancer is a known cancer that happens to men only and a lot of men in the U.S are diagnosed with it, and happens to male’s reproductive system. Specifically speaking, it is a gland found in the most private area of a man. In the following paragraphs, I will be explaining why we need to find a way to combat prostate cancer, how to detect this cancer at early stages, and the risks associated with prostate cancer. Prostate cancer is the second leading cause

  • Prostate Cancer Essay

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    Interest Prostate cancer being a huge cause of mortality and medical expense in men age forty and above has only recently become a topic of general conversation to men in America (Plowden, 2009). African-American men are affected by prostate cancer at a disproportional level than all other men. They are diagnosed up to 65% more frequently and the mortality rate is twice that of Caucasian counterparts (Emerson, 2009). The African-American male is also less likely to take advantage of free prostate cancer

  • Detriment of PSA Screening Essay

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    lifestyle. One of the several ailments that impedes typical human functioning is prostate cancer. The community of experts and professionals who have dedicated their lives to this field of study are, at this time, engaged in a substantive yet divisive and strongly opinionated dispute regarding a test considered by some to aid in the detection of this cancer. This highly scrutinized test is known as the prostate-specific antigen test, more commonly referred to as the PSA test. In the United States and more

  • Characteristics Prostatic Specific Antigen ( Psa )

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    5.0 Laboratory Tests 5.1 Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) Table 2: Summary of characteristics Prostatic Specific Antigen (PSA) Characteristic Data Comments Classification PSA is a glycoprotein produced by the prostate epithelial cells Cancer may elevate levels both from increased production and because tissue barriers between the gland lumen and vascular bed are disrupted. PSA Levels PSA has a half-life of 2.2 days and elevated levels vary in recovery depending on the cause of the elevation PSA elevation

  • Prostate Cancer And Its Effects On African Americans

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    Prostate Cancer in Brooklyn Chandra Tameshwar Nursing 304 Professor Dr. McDuffie Prostate cancer originates in the male prostate gland. Cancers in this gland are the most common malignancies, which grow very slowly, and can have minimal effect on a man’s quality of life. However, a tumor in the prostate gland can be problematic for men, especially black men, even though it is only about the size of a walnut. Located below the bladder and in front of the rectum, the prostate provides the

  • A Short Note On Health And Dental Insurance

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    Health History Date: August 15th Name: Mr. ZNK Address: 1121 Maryland Avenue, Beltsville, MD 20707 Telephone: 3016554386 Age: 30 Date of birth: April 24,1984 Birthplace: Accra, Ghana Gender: Male Marital status: Single Race: African Religion: Non Occupation: Automotive technician Health insurance: Medical & dental insurance from work Source: Client Reliability: Client is alert to person, place ,situation, and time and is able to provide needed information during assessment Present Health/Illness

  • Prostate Cancer In Family

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    Prostate cancer is one of the most common cancers among men, in both Western developed countries and worldwide (Ferlay 2008). It is a cancer that is only limited to males, as only males have prostate glands. The exact etiology is still unknown; however, it is thought to be a multifactorial disease with inherited genetics playing a major role (Xu 2013). Particularly, people with fathers and brothers with prostate cancer are at increased risk for developing it themselves. Other male relatives have

  • Prostate Cancer : A Common Medical Term Essay

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    Prostate Cancer Student’s Name Institution Cancer has become a common medical term in today’s history. Cancer has facilitated to the significant increase in deaths in many nations, both in developed and third world countries. In fact, there’s a rise in trend of cancer since the year 1995.The medical reports suggests that since 1995, nearly 2,600,000 men in the United States have been diagnosed with cancer disease (American Urology Association, 2007). Furthermore, the National Cancer Institute

  • Essay about Prostate Cancer

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    Prostate Cancer Eng 101 Andrell Nash Fortis College Abstract Prostate Cancer is a disease in which there is an uncontrolled growth of cells that lines the ducts of the prostate gland. The abnormal cells can spread throughout the prostate and nearby organs, such as the seminal vesicles. If not caught early they can spread (metastasized) to other organs of the body through the lymph or blood stream. (“...Treatment...” 13) Prostate Cancer can be like a silent killer. Some may show signs and symptoms