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  • Protest On The Protest

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    laziness that caused him to sit, nor an injury, but a peaceful protest. Kaepernick sat to protest rampant police brutality and injustice against black people in the United States. This protest became a topic widely debated during the presidential election, and eventually when drafting season came around for football, Kaepernick was blackballed from joining any teams because of this controversy. The American people had a lot to say about how protest should be peaceful without disrespect, which they say Colin

  • Protest Of The NFL Protest And The Protest In The Anthem

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    decided to kneel during the playing of the national anthem. The reason they are doing this is to protest a number of things ranging from the unfair treatment of African Americans to protesting against various things in their local communities. The protests started out as just a few players taking knees during the anthem, but this past week it escalated to the majority of the NFL taking part in some sort of protest. What sparked these players to join in was a tweet by Donald Trump that read, “If a player

  • Protests In The NFL Protests

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    joined Kaepernick, together with his protest. Now, this protest has gotten larger, at week 3 of the NFL games there were more than 130 players and even an anthem singer were protesting. President Donald Trump has gotten involved in these protests by going against the players. Trump has stated that these players need to be fired, as well as the public needs to boycott the NFL. Millions of people in the United States are extremely furious with these protests for disrespecting the country, nevertheless

  • Essay On Vietnam Protest And Protest

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    Anarchic, civil, radical, militant, and rebellions people is what police officers have to face on a regular basis. Both Vietnam protest and protest today are rebelling against the government. During the Vietnam War, citizens were protesting against the U.S government to stop the war and send American soldiers back home. Today people still manage to go out into the streets to protest for the government to stop discriminating certain groups like Muslims and immigrants. Is protesting a productive, patriotic

  • Anthem Protests In Anthem Protests

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    National Anthem protests started on August 14th, 2016 with Colin Kaepernick sitting on the bench during the national anthem. This continued for another two games before he talked to former Green Beret and former NFL player Nate Boyer about the best way to make his point without disrespecting the military; Kaepernick then began taking a knee instead of simply sitting on the bench during games beginning on November 1st, 2016. There has been talk across the nation from last year into this year about

  • Mexican Olympics Protest Of 1968 And The Protests

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    from American Revolution to Black Lives matter, protest has been the only guaranteed freedom that gives us a voice to alter our future. In retrospect, movements – or protest – such as Civil Rights Movement quite literally changed the landscape of America for generations; speaking out towards the spiteful racism that was so prevalent during those times– leading to an importance in diversity. Similarly, Countries around the world have conducted protest that has revolutionized the way of life or inspired

  • Immigration Protest

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    Introduction: A day without immigrants protest was one that spread an ideal ology throughout businesses and labor force. The goal of this protest was to unite as immigrants and show what kind of hit the economy and labor force would take if immigrants weren’t there to fuel it. This has taken place twice in recent history, once on May 1, 2006 and recently on February 21, 2017. One could argue whether they are successful in their efforts to show how important immigration is to the American economy

  • NFL Protest

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    NFL Protest during National Anthem The NFL players, who chose to sit out or kneel during the Star Spangled Banner, was a not sign of disrespect and shouldn’t receive any consequences. Colin Kaepernick, an NFL player, had something to say about this protest, “ I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color”(Kenny 1). Any of the NFL players who didn’t want to stand during the National Anthem did nothing wrong. Trump’s idea to fire

  • Protests In Spain

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    Spain is facing an uprising in politics and their economy due to the “contested independence referendum” in the Catalonia region. The Catalonia region is located on the border of Spain near Barcelona and is very different than the other regions. Such as Madrid, Catalonia has a different cultural heritage and language than Madrid, which is mainly why Catalonia wants to become independant. Catalonia is the wealthiest, most different region in Spain and can already present itself as a region that

  • The NFL Protest Argument

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    49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick sat for the National Anthem to protest racial injustice within the United States. When asked why he sat, he stated, “I’ve been very clear from the beginning that I’m against the systematic oppression” of black Americans (Willingham). The quarterback received some negative reaction to his method of protest and, after three games, met with former NFL player and Army veteran Nate Boyer to discuss his protest. During this meeting, Kaepernick agreed with Boyer and decided