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  • Ptolemy's Theorem Essay

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    1 Ptolemy used the theorem as an aid to creating his table of chords, a trigonometric table that he applied to astronomy. Claudius Ptolemy born around 90 ce in Egypt was a well-known astronomer, mathematician, astrologer and mathematician. Although much was of his life was lost to history, Ptolemy was famous for his ground breaking work The Almagest. In his lifetime, Ptolemy explored a motley array of disciplines, ranging from astronomy

  • Ancient Greek Astronomy

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    Earth. But, as we know today, his theory was incorrect. Some other Greek philosophers attempted to measure the distance to the moon and even tried to find the size of the universe! They found the universe to be finite. On the other and, Claudius Ptolemy believed that the heavens (skies) were not made of rocks, metal, or other Earthy materials, but that they were made of

  • Hipparchus And The Precession Of The Equinoxes

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    He was the first person whose systematic use of trigonometry has documentary evidence, which is presented from Ptolemy and Theon of Alexandria. For example, he is responsible for the division of a circle into 360 degrees, the creation of one of the first trigonometric tables for solving triangles, and the precepts of trigonometry. The table showed how each degree

  • Paper On Constellations

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    A constellation is a constellation is a group of stars that make an imaginary shape in the night sky, usually named after mythological characters, people, animals and objects (Ask An Astronomer). The word “constellation” comes from a latin term meaning “set with stars”. Constellations lead to a vast array of legends based off of imagination that vary in different countries and cultures, but the one thing that they have in common is that they are made of the same array of bright stars that connect

  • Descriptive Essay On Cygnus

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    form the eastern wing you can see the remnants of a supernova if you look with binoculars. Cygnus is the 16th largest constellation and can be found in the fourth quadrant of the northern hemisphere. Cygnus was discovered by Greek astronomer Ptolemy in the 2nd century. It is associated with

  • Ptolemy Vs Copernicus

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    people’s ideas of the universe and caused them to question and challenge preconceived knowledge, such as the idea at the time that the earth is the center of the world. This is illustrated in the contrasting diagrams of the universe between Claudius Ptolemy and Nicolaus Copernicus. Ptolemy’s theory, and the one that “was adopted by most scholars during the Middle Ages,” was that of geocentrism, in which the earth is the center of the universe; Copernicus’

  • Ptolemy: Forecasting In Social Context

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    grew, methods of forecasting changed concurrently. In the early Roman empire, Ptolemy dominated astrology, many times referred to as “a pro-astrological authority of the highest magnitude.” One of Ptolemy’s most famous works, Tetrabiblos, acted as the authoritative work in the field for many decades. As Ptolemy demonstrates in Tetrabiblos, astrology was truly a qualitative field of prediction during antiquity. Ptolemy would observe the movement of celestial bodies and find qualitative explanations

  • Summary Of Ptolemy XIII: The Great Ruler

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    Ptolemy XIII Theos Philopator was born as to be the ruler of ancient Egypt. Though, in order to achieve the main ruler status, however briefly, he had to do despicable things. One of which was starting a civil war with his co-ruler Cleopatra. Ptolemy XII Theos Philopator was born on January 13, c. 62 B.C.E. He was one of seven children of Ptolemy XII Neos Dionysos Theos Philopator Theos Philadelphos and Cleopatra V Tryphaena. The other six were Arsinoe IV, Berenice IV, Cleopatra VI (possibly),

  • Ptolemy of Alexandria, the Influential Astronomer Essays

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    Ptolemy of Alexandria, the Influential Astronomer Ptolemy of Alexandria was the most influential astronomer of the ancient world. The books and theories Ptolemy developed served as a major basis for future astronomers. It was during the Renaissance period that his work became thoroughly studied and revised. Ptolemy collected all ancient knowledge of astronomy and geography including it in his book Almagest around 140 A.D. It follows, he then wrote a four volume astrological

  • The Last Days Of Ptolemy Grey Essay

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    people have hard time taking care of their self, cleaning their homes or surroundings and live in that dirty environment because they have health problems and some do not even know what generation they are living in. in the book “The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey the author Walter Mosley presents a novel about an elder black man whose having memory problem and cannot remember anyone in his family, friends and himself and his been forgotten by his family. The author presents this novel in a very unique