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  • Public Libraries : The Power Of A Public Library

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    The Power of a Public Library Libraries provide resources such as books and computers to a variety of people who may not have them otherwise. A great deal of people in society believe that with the rise of technology, libraries should not be so prominent although they continue to provide very important resources. “22 percent of library computer users (age 14 and older), the library was their only source for access to computers and the Internet” (Source C). In addition to the computer access

  • The Benefits Of Public Libraries

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    of public libraries and what value they'll hold in the future. More devices are being produced that can replace books, such as Kindles, Nooks, and other apps that can be downloaded on any portable electronic device. These devices, however, can’t replace all that libraries can offer. Public libraries will still be in use and serve us in the future. These facilities still offer people internet access, services for children and families, and access to reading materials. First, public libraries offer

  • Free Public Libraries

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    The Worthwhile Investment In ‘free’ Public Libraries Public libraries are essential in the community. It serves different ethnic group of people who want to learn different language, especially english. Libraries is beneficial to people living in the community. For many years it provides free services to adult and children, therefore government should not charge fees for citizen using the public libraries. the article, can we afford “Free” Libraries states, “Government can lower tax burden across

  • Public Libraries and Technology

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    hows and whys of things, the way they are, who was that and where did they come from. My own thirst for knowledge not only grew but expanded beyond the simple trappings of my grandmother’s personal collection and so she decided to bring me to a public library

  • Rural Libraries And Public Libraries

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    Rural libraries provide an information access point to those who live in remote areas. To define, rural libraries are critical instruments for service areas of 25,00 or less. The social economic life of population groups trend towards lower income and poverty. These forces constrict and curtail patrons abilities for education, self- improvement and access to variety of information platforms. In the course of this effort we will provide a brief survey of challenges that rural libraries

  • Oshawa Public Library Analysis

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    The Oshawa Public Library has four branches within Oshawa, Ontario. The main branch is McLaughlin Library; there is also the Northview, Jess Hann, and Legends Center. These branches serve the populous of Oshawa and the Durham region. The clientele served is a wide variety of people from University/College student, adults, senior, and youth. Over the last few years the libraries patrons have been coming into the library looking for their additional services they provide other than the main function

  • Volunteering At The Sacramento Public Library

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    It is once said that “A library is not a luxury but one of the necessities of life”- Henry Ward Beecher. This quote has proven to be true as I volunteered at the Sacramento Public library. Volunteering at the Sacramento Public Library led me to various work experience, and I see it as one of the most important necessities of life, especially for education. At the library, I learned to work around for my social skills as I helped others when in need, I learned to always be punctual, or sometimes early

  • I Am A Public Library

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    There’s something about a public building that doesn’t always feel public. A gym is often public, but it’s very hard to feel comfortable there as just anybody. Morton has always been well known for having people judging on irrelevant things that don’t really describe a person. I hear parents, children, grandparents all passing judgement on things that don’t matter in the scheme of things. I’ve always felt you should ignore many things about people as long as they 're good people and nice. This opinion

  • Archives Of The Hamilton Public Library

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    Term Project – Archive Visit The archive I am visiting for this term project is the Local History & Archives of the Hamilton Public Library located on the third floor of the Central Branch at 55 York Boulevard in Hamilton, Ontario. Since 1914, Hamilton Public Library has been collecting and preserving Hamilton 's history. The Local History & Archives collection consists of material such as letters, photographs, manuscripts, diaries and other original records created by Hamilton and area citizens

  • Persuasive Speech On Public Libraries

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    for the preservation of public libraries in America. Central Idea (Need): The worth of public libraries in America extends far beyond the books they offer; libraries also provide access to computers and internet connections, meeting places for community activities and groups, guidance services for patrons, tutoring programs, and advocacy for child literacy programs. Despite the value of these resources to struggling communities, libraries have seen a decline in both public usage and federal funding