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    The Town of Pullman: Success or Failure? The invention of the railroad was probably the most important occurrence in the nineteenth century. The United States became a unified front and interstate travel become safe, cheap and efficient. Industries related to the railroad began to prosper, fueling much of the American economy. Entrepreneurs quickly began to take advantage of this boom and thus “American Big Business” was born. George Pullman was one of the many prominent tycoons of this “Railroad

  • The Pullman Strike Of 1894

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    The Pullman Strike of 1894 On May 11th, 1894, one of the most violent labor strikes in American history took place in Pullman, Illinois. This labor strike, initiated by the American Railway Union (ARU) and led by Eugene Debs against the extremely wealthy and powerful George Pullman and his company, the Pullman Palace Car Company. This strike became a turning point in the national battle regarding U.S. labor laws, and was instrumental in the regulation of corporations by the government. The event

  • Essay On George Pullman

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    George Mortimer Pullman. George Pullman was an entrepreneur who invented the sleeping car, an invention that provided railroad cars with beds for passengers. These sleeping cars accommodated passengers by allowing them to relax during times of travel. Even though sleeping cars were advanced and innovative, they played a role in both the rise and fall of George Pullman. Born March 3, 1831, George Pullman became the third child, and third son, of James and Emily Pullman. He had nine brothers

  • The Pullman Strike of 1894

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    The Pullman Strike of 1894 was the first national strike in American history and it came about during a period of unrest with labor unions and controversy regarding the role of government in business.5 The strike officially started when employees organized and went to their supervisors to ask for a lowered rent and were refused.5 The strike had many different causes. For example, workers wanted higher wages and fewer working hours, but the companies would not give it to them; and the workers wanted

  • George Pullman And Economic Depression

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    Panic of 1893 which created the collapse of railroad overbuilding, which further led to the collapse of many banks. This depression affected George Pullman’s company, causing him to take actions, making more of an impact than he ever thought. George Pullman was an American engineer and industrialist who founded his company. He created a community and environment that his workers lived and worked in. His company played a big role in the labor movement because they were a prime source for transportation

  • Theme Of Pullman In Northern Lights

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    In Addition, Pullman’s hate to the Church. Pullman always attacks churches and priesthoods, “the trouble is that all too often in human history, churches and priesthoods have set themselves up to rule people’s lives in the name of some invisible god (and they’re all invisible, because they don’t exist)-and done terrible damage. In the name of their god, they have burned, hanged, tortured, maimed, robbed, violated, and enslaved millions of their fellow-creatures, and done so with the happy conviction

  • The Golden Compass By Philip Pullman

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    In Philip Pullman’s novel, The Golden Compass, a young girl, named Lyra Belacqua lives in a parallel world in which human souls take the form of lifelong animal companions called daemons. In Lyra’s world the antagonists, a group of people known as Gobblers, have been kidnapping kids from the streets. Lyra vows to save her best friend, Roger, after she discovers that he disappears along with one of the Gyptians’ boys. She sets out with her daemon, a tribe of Gyptians, a witch, an ice bear and a Texas

  • Civil Railroad Strike : The Pullman Strike

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    1800’s Strikes Pullman Strike: The Pullman Strike was a nationwide railroad strike in the United States on May 11, 1894. The American Railway Union (ARU) against the Pullman Company, and the government of the United States, President Grover Cleveland. The issue began in Pullman, Chicago, on May 11 according to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pullman_Strike.org about “4,000 factory employees of the Pullman Company began a strike in response to lowered wages.” According to https://www.britannica.com

  • The Riot, The Pullman Strike, And The Homestead Strike

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    late 1800s. Americans have shorter days, bigger pay and easier working conditions. Not comparable to how life is today, many riots sparked, and citizens began to fight for equal treatment. Along with other important events, the Haymarket Riot, the Pullman Strike, and the Homestead strike all play a vital role in illustrating labor’s struggle to gain fair and equitable treatment during the late 1800s and early 1900s. Treatment during the late 1800s is much different from how Americans are treated in

  • Emmett Slaughter By The Old Pullman Company

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    Emmett Slaughter was walking through the old Pullman Company building. It was cold, all he could hear was the screeching of the old metal that was about to collapse. The building was condemned but Emmet used to work there so he wanted to see it one last time, so he snuck inside to take one good last look. Upon looking through the building he started to remember the Pullman company strike that happened on May 11, 1894. That was the time he learned to fight for what he believes in without violence