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    Robert Gordon’s new book tells the history of Stax Records, the famous Memphis label responsible for some of Southern soul’s definitive recordings. Stax began in a Memphis garage in 1957 as Satellite Records, a project of Jim Stewart, soon joined by his sister Estelle Axton, both white. From these humble beginnings, it enjoyed a fairy-tale rise, becoming a revered name, the home of the great Otis Redding, of “Soul Man” and “In the Midnight Hour.” Gordon tracks this glorious ascent—and a vertiginous

  • Starting a Recording Artist Project Management Company Essay

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    internet as a main source of potential expansion opportunities. (ORMS) will market these music product and services to clients with small, medium, and large budgets. The client resources will include various entertainment companies, organizations, record labels, and talent agencies, private clients of artist, labels and entrepreneurs. We will display our client’s catalogs at weekly sponsored showcase events by the marketing team and aid in the promotion of their products in each specialized genre

  • Polyphonic Hmi: Mixing Music and Math

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    Polyphonic Hmi: Mixing Music And Math 1 PROBLEM STATEMENT After failing at their first attempt to enter the music industry, Polyphonic HMI (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”), is releasing Hit Song Science (HSS), software used to predict future hit songs with 80% accuracy. An integrated marketing strategy, needs to be developed to launch an innovative product, in an industry typically known for “gut instinct” and therefore likely to meet strong customer resistance. Thus there are two key

  • Background Checks

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    Tye-Williams Abstract Criminal record checks are high in demand for decision makers to predict future unwanted behaviors during employment screening. Employers conduct background checks on job applicants for several reasons. One reason may be to confirm their moral character. Another reason may be the desire to assess their risk of committing crimes that could cause somatic, monetary, and reputational damage to the company. Consequently, if a person has had their record expunged then it isn’t protecting

  • Informational Communication Technology

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    model and instead focus back on a B2B model that was based on the deal they had closed with Lycos almost a year earlier. Aligned with the change in business model, a new B2B revenue model was also established. This model saw Soundbuzz aggregating record labels’ music content and providing a technical platform and content management service to other portals. In November 2001, Soundbuzz provided an end-to-end digital music solution for Hewlett-Packard’s (HP) digital music service that included developing

  • Analysis of the Music Industry

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    Music may be defined romantically as `the food of love ' (Shakespeare) or more prosaically as `sound with particular characteristics ' (Wikipedia), but it is undeniably a `vibrant artform ' (Arts Council England) and one which touches more people, in more ways, than any other art form. In commercial terms, music certainly generates a higher market value than the other arts, although a comprehensive market size for music in all its manifestations is impossible to calculate. Key Note has put a value

  • Business Plan (Record Company)

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    Business Plan: Starting an Independent Record Label Introduction First of all I am setting down the employees of “Les Incompetents™”. There are three of us: The Label manager (who is responsible for running the label), an A&R (the talent scout who mentors the artist through to final recording) and a business developer (who is responsible for the business deals). Although every one of us has a specific title, being a small independent label, we all work on every issue. The funding of

  • Introduction of the Music Industry

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    event company, who specialise in event planning and supplies music venue for record label companies. Supplier , those who manufacture CD, supply equipment to record company, artist who supplies and created music such as ArtistLed, Inc Now , let us see what are some of the ways in which IT has affected the various suppliers in the music industry. Internet Decreasing revenue for

  • Review: Who Packs Your Parachute?

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    Who Packs Your Parachute? On July 11, 2011, In Who Packs Your Parachute?, Gratitude for each member of your team critical for success I recently read about the ordeal of US Navy jet pilot Charles Plumb, whose plane was destroyed by a surface-to-air missile on his 75th combat mission.  He parachuted out but was captured and spent six years in a communist Vietnamese prison.  He somehow survived the nightmare and now teaches leadership! Years later, when Plumb was at a restaurant, a man came up

  • Sound Recording, Its History and Impact on Media in the 21st Century

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    Sound Recording, Its History And Impact On Media In The 21st Century On this essay I will try to show how Sound Recording impacts media in the 21st century. But in order for me to do that I will need to explore the history of Sound Recording, which started in the 19th Century. Before 1877 sound could be recorded but not played. That year Thomas Alva Edison invented the talking tin foil, also known as the phonograph (voice – writer), which enabled sound to be played back (the