Pyrotechnic oxidizers

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  • Identification of Metallic Ions Essay

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    contaminated by the salt on our skin due to frequent use. MSDS INFO Barium Nitrate: Toxic/oxidizer: harmful if swallowed; avoid contact with eyes and skin; WARNING! VERY HAZARDOUS IF SWALLOWED. MAY CAUSE MODERATE TO SEVERE IRRITATION TO EYES AND/OR BURNS RESULTING IN CORNEAL INJURY. HARMFUL IF INHALED. CAN CAUSE IRRITATION AND OR BURNS TO SKIN, EYES AND RESPIRATORY TRACT. Calcium Nitrate:Harmful/Oxidizer: harmful of swallowed; avoid contact with eyes and skin Cupric

  • How the Bureacrats Stole Patriotism

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    joy than to watch the red, white and blue stripes proclaiming to all, “America is free, and proud to be that way!” Now, however, that blood-tingling, heart-thrashing scenario is gone, stamped with a big red “X” by some bureaucrat. The eye-popping pyrotechnics are no more, all one has left to do on the Fourth of July is hold a stick burning at 2000°F. Sounds delightful, does it not? Why not talk some sense to the people of Illinois, especially

  • Graduation Speech: Fireworks Essay

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    Even though you cannot see them yet, the fireworks will begin tonight. In bright stunning colors, they will paint over the black world around them and they will glow. In all shapes and sizes they will scatter over the stars and the moon. They will erupt in loud, almost deafening blasts to hushed crackles of soundless glory. Each diploma received is a lighted match of fire. Each graduate is a fuse. If you put a lighted match and a fuse together, you make sparks to create light. If you put a diploma

  • Essay on The Station Nightclub Fire West Warwick, Rhode Island.

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    The Station Nightclub Fire West Warwick, Rhode Island. The building of the Station Nightclub was constructed in approximately 1946. Many restorations and repairs were made to the building since the time of construction by different owners to fulfill their business needs. The building was a wood-frame construction with wooden shingles on the exterior walls that also included a flat roof, but the interior walls surrounding the stage were staffed with sound proof polyurethane insulating foam. Windows

  • Informative Speech On Firecrackers

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    What comes on your mind when you heard a word Firecracker? Firecracker is a small explosive device primarily designed to produce a large amount of noise, especially in the form of a loud bang; any visual effect. Fireworks has a different lights or colorful design and they have a firecracker a small paper cylinder that is filled with an explosive and that produces a loud noise when it explodes. Firecracker was made because for the celebration for the Christmas and New Year’s Eve and other occasion

  • Essay on How Pyrotechnics and Explosives Have Changed the World

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    still written down of an “explosive or pyrotechnic composition” are the three examples of gunpowder in the 1044A.D. Chinese military guide Wujing Zongyao which showed a few uses of this powder they had experimented with for near a hundred years. The most used formula from it was approximately 50% KNO3, also known as Saltpeter in those times, and formally called Potassium nitrate today, ~25% S, Sulfur, and ~25% carbonaceous matter (mostly charcoal and

  • Chemistry of Fireworks

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    and Cu compounds with calomel (deepens colour) | | White | Mg and Al compounds | | The social significance of fireworks in today's society is to provide a means of nighttime entertainment. In addition, the principles of fireworks and pyrotechnics have been applied for uses within industry, search and rescue and for warfare. From its humble beginnings as firecrackers, the development of this technology has evolved to see spectacular colors and a wide range of different types. As fireworks

  • Burn Rate Study on Alliant (Green Dot) Smokeless Shotgun Powder and Kclo4

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    Burn rate study on Alliant (Green dot) smokeless shotgun powder and KClO4 Shalom AJ Cohen Philadelphia community college 11/2010 Abstract: The purpose of this project is to measure if differing amounts of potassium perchlorate, KCIO4, mixed with shotgun powder has an effect on burn rate. The experiment was videotaped and the duration of burn time for each amount used was recorded. KClO4, amounts ranging from .2g to 2g, were added to 4g of shotgun powder. A steel pipe that is ½ inch wide and

  • Persuasive Essay On Noise Pollution

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    are being presented with a sense of urgency, we need to be concerned about the greenhouse gases fireworks produce, which include Carbon dioxide (CO2) and ozone. In addition, Fireworks fallout can contaminate water supplies and residue on the ground can be carried away by rain and end up in our lakes, rivers, or oceans. Along with both these types of pollutions, Fireworks can be loud and the vibrations can travel far which results in noise pollution. In the middle of the night fireworks often disturb

  • Various Rocket Propellants and Their Characterstics

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    propellant Rocket propellant is mass that is stored in some form of propellant tank, prior to being used as the propulsive mass that is ejected from a rocket engine in the form of a fluid jet to produce thrust. A fuel propellant is often burned with an oxidizer propellant to produce large volumes of very hot gas. These gases expand and push on a nozzle, which accelerates them until they rush out of the back of the rocket at extremely high speed, making thrust. Sometimes the propellant is not burned, but