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    Stock Picks and Analysis Choosing two profitable stocks amongst a myriad of potential alternatives is a daunting task to say the least. In order to narrow my choices from thousands to two, I examined several aspects of companies I was interested in. Among these were, company overview, alpha and beta ratings, price ratios, price charts, and company headlines. After evaluating this information, I chose Intuit INC (INTU) listed on the NASDAQ and Johnson and Johnson (JNJ) listed on the NYSE. Intuit

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    Finn Schools Case Study

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    there are many transfer services which allows to make bank transfers which can be received by the Finnish Schools International’s bank account in Canada. The name of a few of the transfer services are HiFx, World Remit, Transfer Wise, World First, and QFX. According to the Canada Revenue Agency website, the parents making the investment in Canadian private schools should be aware of the family tax benefits that are available to through the federal and provincial government. Federal Tax Benefits:

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