Quad Cities

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  • The Quad Cities Area Adult Population

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    The Quad Cities Area adult population generally fails to meet the USDA’s recommended dietary guideline of consuming at least five servings of fruits and vegetables per day, with only 35.7% reporting meeting these guidelines (Professional Research Consultants, 2015). This policy analysis will review current community efforts within the Quad Cities area that are concentrating on improving fruit and vegetable consumption of area adults. Additional policy options to help increase access, knowledge and

  • Davenport, Iowa For The First Time Homeowner

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    Davenport, Iowa for the First Time Homeowner Davenport, Iowa may just seem like any ordinary town, but this wonderful city does have several benefits to consider when you are a first time homeowner. There are several factors that appeal to first time homeowners in Davenport. The cost of living in the Midwest, Davenport especially, is much lower than that of other regions of the country. There are many financial opportunities that benefit first time homeowners. The school system in Davenport, Iowa

  • Statement Of Purpose: Black Hawk Community College

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    as a bakery owner is the best choice for me after high school, even though some may argue against it. Black Hawk Community College is a great choice for the first step of a two step education plan. This college is in close range of many in the Quad Cities as it is located in Moline, IL. Along with being in close range, Black Hawk is also a reasonably affordable school. The average tuition for a student there is $7,500 for in state residents

  • Case Study: Quad City Clown Troupe

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    A major decision has been made through a vote of the membership. A member in good standing mentioned to the board that if someone was going to be part of the Quad City Clown Troupe then he/she should make some kind of commitment to the organization. That commitment was suggested as annual dues. The board discussed the issue and decided that it was best determined through a vote of the general membership. Initially there was a lot of emotion. Valid statements were made such as: what do we get

  • Description Of The Quad City Arts Center Gallery

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    I decided to go to the Quad City Arts Center Gallery. This gallery is located at 1715 2nd AVE. Rock Island, IL. When I first pulled up to this gallery I realized that it was very modern. The building had two different establishments on either side in a plaza setting. My first impression of this art exhibit is that it is very clean and roomy. Right when I walked into the building, the lady that was working there was very welcoming. This gallery changes its exhibition every couple of months. The current

  • Fast Plants

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    water drips from the wick. Then place the quads on a watering tray under the fluorescent light bank. Each cell should have an equal distance from the light bank. Quads should be three inches below the fluorescent light; the light should also be left on all day. Make sure all wicks are in contact with the mat that sits on the watering tray. Also watch out for the watering system regularly throughout the experiment. After four to five days record plants in the quads, giving their phenotypes in a table for

  • Gorgas Museum Report

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    From Ruins to Recourses Located in the Quad, standing tall is a building that represents critical and memorable moments in history. The University of Alabama is home to the beautiful Amelia Gorgas Library. This is where students can go study, relax, eat, check out books, and socialize. The library was built in 1939 and is located at the site of the first original library on campus. During the Civil War the original building was known as the Rotunda. It was a military school for the confederate army

  • An Essay About Davenport City

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    Davenport, Iowa in the Quad cities is a great place to live. Davenport is the largest city located along the Mississippi in Scott County, Iowa, and the United States. Davenport honors education, and it is pretty safe to live there compared to some cities. There's quite a bit of things to do and see in Davenport Iowa. The climate isn't too crazy, and the economy is doing just fine. It’s not a very busy crowded place to live, the city is pretty laid back for the most part. Although there has been some

  • Creative Writing: Changing The Corner

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    People are rushing by, it’s lunchtime, and it’s chilly. I look up at the old buildings of this small city and wonder why no one is paying attention to them. Turning the corner there is an alley decorated with an archway and vines, the brick has been painted to look like windows full of vases of flowers; children smiling; curtains. Looking back at the street I wonder if the passing cars can see the group standing in the alley. Approaching a local coffee shop, there is a stand outside the door selling

  • Sooke: A Tourist Destination

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    The harbour side village of Sooke on southern Vancouver Island gives respite from the busy city life of neighbouring Victoria. Sooke’s casual lifestyle and rural setting affords many of comforts of city life without the traffic. For centuries, this area was a thriving Coast Salish settlement. The T’sou-ke peoples lived alongside a salmon river and within a sheltered harbor, an area where seafood was in abundance along the seashore, and game, roots and berries were harvested in the forests. Fast Facts