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  • Quantitative Research Critique

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    This critique reviewed a quantitative study based upon palliative care and how it met emotional or spiritual needs of the families of patients with serious illnesses. The critique used eight criteria to analyze the quantitative study. The criteria include the identification of the problem, the determination of the purpose of the study, the review of the literature, the selection of the sample size and the research design, methods for collecting the data, the analysis of the data, study findings as

  • Qualitative Research : Quantitative Research Essay

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    Qualitative research explains, describes and characterizes the subject of investigation by focusing on words rather than numbers. It mainly collects the non-numerical data to describe a problem and helps to create ideas for further research. In qualitative research, data are collected through focus groups, interviews, direct observation or evaluation of archival material such as newspapers. Qualitative research has a qualitative dimension and relies on the background and context to analyze data.

  • Analysis Of A Quantitative Research Article Essay

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    Analysis of a Quantitative Research Article Introduction “My PICOT statement was: “In elderly hospitalized patients 60 years of age and above, do specific fall prevention interventions, as compared to standard care, reduce the amount of falls in an inpatient setting, during their hospitalization?” For this paper I will be reviewing a quantitative research article based around my PICOT on fall risk within the hospital setting. Patient falls within the hospital setting are a nursing-sensitive quality

  • Quantitative And Qualitative Research

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    Quantitative and Qualitative research Qualitative research is used to gather a collective group of ideas and opinions, where any trending results are taken into account. Common methods of quantitative research consist of interviews, observations and focus groups. Quantitative research on the other hand consists of facts on figures, common methods of quantitative research would consist of program ratings, box office figures and sales of CD’s or DVD’s. Questionnaire A digital questionnaire

  • A Critique Of A Quantitative Research Article

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    The following is a critique of a quantitative research article with a qualitative component. Elements of a research article will be discussed, as well as what each component is supposed to include and the essentials to writing a good research article. The critiquing is based on what was learned in class. Introduction The title of a research article should deliver key information that shares the research variables in quantitative studies according to Polit and Beck (2014). This title includes all

  • Qualitative And Quantitative Research Methods

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    Qualitative and Quantitative Research Ravi Teja Mora Dr. Jimi Peters Research Methods Stratford University   Qualitative and Quantitative Research Introduction There has been a widespread of debate in recent years regarding the quantitative and qualitative research methods, wether one or the other has to be emerged as superior. Although there have been so many theories and conclusions, this paper intends to discuss on the similarities and differences between the qualitative and quantitative research methods

  • Using Quantitative And Qualitative Research

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    mixed methods research refers to the procedures for selecting participants (and sites) in both quantitative and qualitative research and to the sampling strategies employed with each of the designs” (p. 75). Creswell defines sampling procedure in mixed methods in relation to two central issues which are: 1) how to select a valid sample size for both quantitative and qualitative research designs in relation to the research question asked, and 2) most importantly, how to integrate quantitative and qualitative

  • Quantitative Qualitative Research Essays

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    In this essay I will be comparing and contrasting Quantitative and Qualitative research methods, discussing the Epistemology, methodology, and the varying techniques each method uses. The essay will also take a brief look at the Ethical considerations of research using relevant psychology examples. Here, when considering the epistemology behind both research methods, we must see it in terms of our essential philosophy of ideas and concepts and the ways in which it can be shaped (Pidgeon & Henwood

  • Qualitative Research : Quantitative Research Essay

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    Qualitative research is scientific research based on something that cannot be correctly and precisely measured (University of Wisconsin-Madison-Health Services Ebling Library, 2016). Qualitative research is biased and uses preliminary reasoning to combine data (University of Wisconsin-Madison-Health Services Ebling Library, 2016). Qualitative research establishes theories to help explain the phenomena while focusing on the experiences and opinions of all study subjects (Verhoef & Casebeer, 1997)

  • Essay On Qualitative And Quantitative Research

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    IOPS 614 Class Assignment: Quantitative and Qualitative Breytenbach, R. 23464410 Bosman, M. 22757953 De Villiers, L. 23441135 Jacobs, M.S. 23518332 Schoonwinkel, A.E. 23539534 A. Briefly explain the difference between qualitative and quantitative research designs Quantitative research is a form of conclusive research involving large representative samples and fairly structured data collection procedures. A primary role of quantitative research is to test a hypothesis (Roberts,