Quantum information science

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  • The Physics Of Quantum Computers

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    My topic is quantum computing. We can say that quantum computers are likely to move out of science fiction and research labs and into practical applications. A quantum computing is way faster than a normal pc. Google already have one and make many test online. A quantum computer is a new complex technology. This computer is not available for us yet. This new engine represent a lot of new possibility for us. Some person tell that the teleportation would be available, but this is too far. Old computers

  • Quantum Teleportation And Its Effect On Human Life

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    attempt have been made to practically implement Quantum teleportation. Quantum teleportation was first demonstrated with entangled photons[11] in 1997. Later, various developments have been achieved in laboratory, including the demonstration of entanglement swapping[12], open destination teleportation[13] and teleportation of two bit composite system[14]. Entanglement distribution has been shown with fiber links[15–18]. In addition, “practical” quantum teleportation have been realized via fiber links[19

  • On the Development of Quantum Computers and Cryptography

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    Development of Quantum Computers and Cryptography In 2010, the United States government, after accessing encrypted files by means of physical intervention, exposed ten Russian sleeper agents; in 2013, the United States government, without any means of physical intervention, surreptitiously collected and promptly decrypted many previously encrypted (Wood). Within this decade, concerns regarding the dubious security of contemporary cryptography will begin to emerge as the secrets of quantum computing

  • Quantum Computing: Breakthrough of the Future Essay

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    Innovation is the breakthrough to the future. There is a enormous amount of information us humans do not know. How can we solve these unknown answers? The biggest solution is, quantum computing. This is how quantum computers work, how they are made, how a person can program a quantum computer, and how it will change our future as we know it. How a Quantum Computer Works: Old School vs. New School The first conventional computers that were introduced were these big towers of switches, transistors

  • Computers And The Field Of Computer Engineering

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    new age of computing. That great leap towards the future is quantum computing and in the last two years theirs been a lot of new and exciting developments that will be discussed. The man who first came up with the idea was Feynman a physicist who encountered a problem with classic computers. That they just couldn’t handle the amount of variable or simulate quantum physics he came up with the first concepts of a quantum computer. Quantum computing has a made a recent leap forward that can be attributed

  • Disadvantages Of Quantum Computer

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    The application and development of quantum computing is still in progress and there aren’t any fully developed quantum computers out there right now. In spite of that, there are many advantages of quantum computing based on the theory and calculations provided by the scientists will benefit us in the future. First of all, there is a difference between quantum computer and traditional computer need to be explained. For example, traditional computer uses long strings of “bits”, which is either zero

  • Architectures for Scalable Quantum Computation Essay

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    are intractable (w.r.t. resources). In order to tackle these problems, a super-Turing computational model has been devised and named as the quantum computer [1]. Quantum computation is based on the laws of quantum mechanics and can outperform classical computation in terms of complexity. The power comes from quantum parallelism that is achieved through quantum superposition [2] and entanglement [3]. Computability is unchanged so intractable problems are still unsolvable, but the exponential increase

  • Using A Different Setup Than A Standard Linear Optical System

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    Using a different setup than a standard linear optical system, [SOURCE]Choi et al. are able to use trapped ions as qubits in an optical quantum computer. As a direct result, unique possibilities for addressing scalability issues are discovered. Since trapped ions already have fundamentally low levels of coherent error, suppression of that error in a scaled quantum computer requires significantly less error correction. Also, the group demonstrates an architecture in which more than two entangled qubits

  • Measurement Based Quantum Computation ( Mbqc )

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    Quantum entanglement, which is often counterintuitive and was originally questioned by Einstein, Podolsky, and Rosen (EPR),1 is now recognized as a versatile resource for quantum information protocols.2,3 In order to meet various requirements for various applications, an important technological development is to increase the number of available entangled qubits. In particular, measurement-based quantum computation (MBQC) requires the cluster type of a large-scale entangled state,4,5 where individual

  • The Theory Of The Quantum Computation Model

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    revolutionised the way science and technology function in our day to day lives there still exists a number of problems that even classical computers cannot solve or take an incredibly large amount to do so. For example RSA encryption works on the basis that factoring large numbers takes incredible amounts of time even the most sophisticated classical factoring algorithms take unrealistic amounts to factor large numbers such as the ones used in RSA cryptography. The theory of the quantum computation model