Radial basis function

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  • Comparison Of Mean Square Error ( FFBP )

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    comparison of mean square error using feed forward back propagation (FFBP) and radial basis function(RBF) neural network algorithms are given in table 5.2 for analysis of band pass FIR filter with hanning window. Table 5.2 Comparison of mean square error using FFBP and RBF neural network algorithms used for cut off frequency calculation of band pass FIR digital filter with hanning window Test input (Filter Coefficient) hanning Window (actual cut off Frequency) Output of Artificial Neural Network

  • How Does The Band Pass Digital Filter Design Using Kaiser Window

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    5.6 Band Pass FIR Digital Filter Design using kaiser Window The band pass FIR digital filter has been analysed with hanning window by using FDA tool in the MATLAB. The cut off frequency has been estimated by using nn tool. 5.6.1 Training using Feed Forward Back Propagation (FFBP) artificial Neural Network Algorithm for kaiser Window Figure 5.11: trained network for kaiser window with FFBP Figure 5.12: performance plot for kaiser window with FFBP In above figure 5.12, it shows the performance

  • Stem Glioma Research Paper

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    SEGMENTATION OF TUMOR: Segmentation of brain tumor is done to separate tumor from non tumor tissue. It is one of the most crucial step in medical image processing. We have used modified Radial basis function to segment the tumor. It proves to be best option then existing algorithms. RADIAL BASIS FUNCTION:

  • The Speed Of Engines And Other Machine

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    industries Various, other domestic application BEARINGS: 1.9.1 Bearing and its types: Bearing is a mechanical element that permits relative motion between two parts, such as the shaft and the housing, with minimum friction. The functions of the bearing are as follows: (1) The bearing ensures free rotation of the shaft or

  • Voting Based Extreme Learning Machine Essay examples

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    design 45 encompasses the measures to handle class imbalance. Most of the neural network based classifiers like FCRBF [4, 3],CCELM[9] minimizes least square error to find optimal weights. Recently proposed WELM minimizes weighted least square error function to find optimal weights between hidden and output layer. In this classifier, residuals of minority

  • Submerged Radial Gates With A Sill

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    Hydraulics of Submerged Radial Gates with a Sill Abstract In this paper the submerged flow through radial gates with and without a gate sill was experimentally investigated. The effect of different gate sill heights on contraction coefficient, discharge coefficient, submerged jump length, backup water depth, flow energy dissipation, and velocity distribution with different hydraulic parameters were analyzed and graphically presented. A combination of dimensional and regression analysis tools was

  • Modeling Of Fractal Antenna Using Artificial Neural Network

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    fractal antenna is used as multiband antenna. The fractal geometry concept can be used to reduce antenna size. So fractal shaped antennas are good choice to reduce antenna size and get multiband behavior. The fractal antenna can be classified on the basis of iteration as 0 iteration,1st iteration,2nd iteration etc. For fulfilling all the requirement introduced above fractal microstrip patch antennas are designed.As the number of iteration increases the time consume for solving matrix generated in simulator

  • Essay On Digital Filter

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    neural network (ANN) with Bartlett-Hanning and Blackman-Harris window function. 4.1 Introduction In proposed work, three neural network algorithms, namely feed forward distributed time delay (FFDTD), feed forward back propagation (FFBP) and radial basis function(RBF) is preferred for estimation of the cut off frequency of low pass FIR digital filter and is established using a Bartlett-Hanning window and Blackman-Harris window function. FFDTD, FFBP and RBF neural network algorithms

  • Pest Analysis

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    for different datasets. The cognition probability from the pest image is directly proportional to the height of the output signal and inversely proportional to the viewing angles, which further established that the recognition of plant pests is a function of their location and investigative angle. It is encouraging to note that the correspondence filter can achieve rotational invariance of pests up to angles of 360 degrees, which proves the effectiveness of the algorithm for the detection and recognition

  • Evaluation of Various Numerical Methods for Option Pricing Model

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    In finance, a derivative is a financial instrument whose value is derived from one or more underlying assets. An option is a contract which gives the owner the right, but not the obligation, to buy or sell the asset at a specified strike price at the specified date. The derivative itself is just a contract between two or more parties. Its value is determined by fluctuations in the value of the underlying asset. This price is chosen so that the value of the contract to both sides is zero at the outset