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  • Radiation And Nuclear Radiation Therapy

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    of toxicity from radiation or unnatural means of radiation, how do we protect ourselves? The Earth is covered in natural background radiation. Terrestrial, cosmic and radon radiation are all a part of our environment. Even if manmade radiation and nuclear radiation didn’t exist, we would still be exposed to toxic, unhealthy sources of biological changing substances. How do our bodies recover from an assault to our immune systems and resume a healthy life from ionizing radiation that can cause cancer

  • Types of Radiation and Medical Radiation

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    CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION TYPES OF RADIATION In order to appreciate how radiation energy works, it is imperative to know the types of radiation. The different sources of radiation can be grouped under either Ionising radiation or Non-ionising radiation. Ionizing radiation is a type of radiation that is made up of high-energy waves which has the capability of displacing and breaking atomic electron bonds holding up the molecules of matter together resulting in chemical change which can lead to harmful

  • Radiation Vs Man Made Radiation

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    Radiation is the process of energy emitted through space. When people think of radiation the word hazardous, threatening, and destructive comes to mind. However, people don’t realize that there is radiation emitted everywhere. There are two type of radiation: natural environmental and man-made. Natural environmental radiation are occur throughout life because it’s not something that can be control. Examples of natural environmental radiation includes: the sun, stars, Earth and all earth-based-concrete

  • Radiation Therapy Is The Act Of Using Radiation

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    Abstract Radiation therapy is the act of using ionizing radiation for treating primarily patients suffering from cancer. Depending of the type of cancer a radiation oncologist, which is the physician assigning the treatment, will work with a medical dosimetrist to make a treatment arrangement. This suggestion, depending on the ailment, include: the type of treatment and the dose of radiation that will be administered. When receiving the treatment plan, a radiation therapist takes on the job of administering

  • The Effects Of Radiation Exposure On Medical Radiation

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    About 15% of the ionizing radiation exposure to the people comes from man-made sources and almost all of these exposures are due to medical radiation, which is vastly from diagnostic and therapeutic sources(9). Out of 3 mSv annual global per caput effective dose (2000), 2.4 mSv is from natural background and 0.4 mSv from diagnostic medical exams(5,9). and since then many new therapeutic and diagnostic methods have been implemented making the exposure dose due to medical radiation to go up. The problem

  • The Causes Of Radiation

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    Radiation is the reactions caused by kinetic energy passing from one place to another. Radiation has been part of the human environment since the existence of Earth. Some sources of radiation are natural. However, others are artificial. Terrestrial sources of radiation are natural and come from the earth. They originate from radioactive materials in the earth's crust. The sun's rays are also a natural form of radiation called cosmic rays. (Statkiewicz-Sherer, 2017). Artificial sources of radiation

  • Informative Essay On Radiation

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    What is the effect of the different versions of iPhones on radiation? Many parents are concerned about the radiation coming from their child’s cell phone. Lately radiation is a big concern for parents. Radiation can be a scaring thing for many people. There are different levels of radiation which is called a radiation spectrum. A radiation spectrum shows non-ionizing radiation and ionizing radiation. “There are many different types of radiation that we are all exposed to in our daily lives. Radio waves

  • The Radiation Exposure For Astronauts

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    Yuhan Wang (1238134) Section: AO ESS 102 Research Paper Due: Thursday, January 29th 2015 Radiation Exposure for Astronauts My science fiction article is taking the success of “Apollo 11”, the first time of human landing on the moon, as the background. That year, 1969, is also during the Cold War between the governments of the Soviet Union and the United States. And this victory, neither convinced Soviet Aeroflot of their lagging behind in the space race, nor explained well the “flaws” of collected

  • Effects Of Radiation Safety On The Health Risk Dealing With Radiation

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    Radiation Safety By Sean Trosper In requirements for AVIA 5103 Aviation Safety Program Development Michelle Crom, M.S.   Table of Contents 1. Abstract 2. Discovery of Radiation 3. Health Effects of Radiation 4. Fukushima 5. Radiation Sources 6. Aircrew Radiation Exposure 7. Natural Ways to Reduce Radiation in Your Body 8. Conclusion Abstract This paper goes over radiation safety precautions and all the health risk dealing with radiation. I will discuss the discovery of radiation

  • Radiation Is A Type Of Energy

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    Introduction Radiation is a type of energy that occurs naturally, and can be manmade. Radiation is always around us. Microwaves, computers and cellphones give off radiation. There are many other ways to get radiation as radiation therapy for cancer. Radiation travels in the form of waves or particles, depending on the type. Radioactive substances give off their energy over time, ranging from a fraction of a second to thousands of years. The period of time in which a radioactive substance