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  • My Summer Vacation in Florida Essay

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    crash. When the plane landed, I couldn?t wait to stand on solid ground again. When I got off the plane the first thing I saw was a giant palm tree. It wasn?t like the palm trees you see in pictures. This palm tree was kind of ugly it was about thirty feet tall, the leaves at the top looked like they were dead, and it was leaning to the right. Other than that palm tree it was a beautiful day. It was ninety seven degrees, but it didn?t feel like Minnesota?s ninety seven degrees because there wasn?t

  • New World Narrative

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    be beaches, palm trees, and numerous people. This event would make my summer more memorable, I thought to myself. In the fall of 2015, my parents had bid on a package deal at the SMSU Gala and won. Included in the deal were tickets and a tour of the

  • Creative Writing : Essay

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    some chapstick to your lips.” My lips curve before my giggle emerges. “I think that's a little too casual.” “How about I straighten your hair and add a little eye makeup?” “That sounds perfect, thank you.” “That will be $30, total.” While laying my palm flat on my bed, I twist my torso to face her. “How about all the details of my date?” She crosses an arm over her chest while tapping her index finger of her free hand on her pouting lips. “Yeah, seems suitable payment,” she says before commencing

  • The Boy Descended From The Rooftops Coughing And Covered Of Soot

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    cared either. They were all focused on themselves and their families. Fernando knew that no help would be found here. The boy needed to rest for a bit, so he went over to find some shade on the other side of town. He settled towards a nice and big palm tree. He put Mia down right next to him and asked,” Any words yet?” Mia stared at him like she had no idea what he was talking about. With a sense of disappointment he then laid back and stared up at the sky. The entire time he was wondering what

  • How Does Landscape Affect The Environment?

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    Today 's date September 20, 2016, currently I note 1800 hours on the dot during a Tuesday evening. So far the nights weather seems warm, with a high of eighty, slightly overcast with a slight breeze. The weatherman is calling for some rain and thunderstorms for the surrounding areas. Hopefully, it doesn 't rain while we excavate this site, making it nearly impossible to accomplish what we came here for. Now to describe the site; landscape has a mixture of big boulders with smaller rocks throughout

  • Palm Island

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    THE DUBAI PALMS: CONSTRUCTION AND ENVIRONMENTAL CONSEQUENCES ETHAN POLIE In the late twentieth century, the Middle Eastern nation of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) began to make plans to distance itself from the petroleum industry that dominates most of the Persia. Driven by the fact that internal experts believe the country’s oil reserves will be depleted by the year 2012, the UAE is attempting to transition to a service industry, with a major focus on tourism, retail, and entertainment. In order

  • Ideo Case Study

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    In the past Palm projects design had been ignored in order to favor “bells and whistles” directed toward male customers. This new Palm was to appeal to the customer on the emotional level as well as the aesthetic level. What may have been missing from the innovation formula at IDEO in 2000 was the philosophy of customer

  • Swidden Farming and the Logging Industry in Indonesia Essay examples

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    With over 130 million hectares of forest area, Indonesia has the third largest forest in the world. These forests are home to many diverse wildlife and unique creatures not found naturally anywhere else in the world. Before the 1950’s, these forests were dense and in a natural balance. With the introduction of greed in the form of humans and reckless machinery over 60 or so years, Indonesia has won the dubious honour in becoming the “World leader of deforestation”. This has led to an unnatural balance

  • Brazilian Government Intervention: Acai Berry Essay examples

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    This is shown as the price greatly increases and the quantity decreases slightly. It is also important to note that the Acai palm has strict conditions of where is can grow, and although the palm is ecologically sustainable the supply will not continually increase with the demand (Brondizio, 2011). This will cause further problems as the demand continues to grow, the low income families who need the berry as

  • The Worldwide Problem of Deforestation

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    accelerating. There are many causes for deforestation, including population pressure, social and political forces, and profits. The increasing need for palm oil in today’s world accounts for much of the deforestation occurring in many tropical countries such as Indonesia. Palm oil is extremely versatile and is used in cooking, cosmetics, and biofuels. Palm oil