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  • Female Roles Of Female Characters In Hindi Cinema

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    Leela here was shown as an orphan who had no idea about what her son was up to while her son Raj Kapoor was shown as a wanderer and martyr both. Towards the end of the movie where Raj shows his anger and holds justice Ragunath responsible for murdering his mother, Leela once again stops Raj from attacking Justice Ragunath by saying that no He is your father, once again female character was used to reassure the male dominance in the scene.

  • Shahid Kapoor

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    Early career, until 2005 Before starting off his career as an actor, Kapoor worked in several music videos and ads, including the Pepsi commercial with Shahrukh Khan, Kajol and Rani Mukerji post Kuch Kuch Hota Hai (1998) and the music video Aankhon Me Tera Hi Chehra by the Aryans along with Hrishitaa Bhatt. While doing so, he decided to join the Shiamak Davar Institute for the Performing Arts (SDIPA), where he was later seen in Subhash Ghai's film Taal (1999) as a background dancer in the song Kahin

  • Cloud Gate Visual Analysis

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    Art can speak to people in many different ways. Art stimulates viewers visual senses, and allows them to express themselves in ways they could have never thought possible. Cloud Gate, commonly referred to as “The Bean”, is an intriguing art piece. Kapoor’s Cloud Gate sculpture challenges viewers to contemplate self-image, three-dimensional life, and religion through its structure and appearance. Cloud Gate reaches a wide range of people because of its popularity. It has become Chicago’s second

  • The Devil Wears Prada Rhetorical Analysis

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    1. In The Proposal, describe the specific relationship dynamics between Andrew (played by Ryan Reynolds) and: his mother (played by Mary Steenburgen), his father (played by Craig T. Nelson), his grandmother (played by Betty White), and his ex-girlfriend (played by Malin Akerman). In The Proposal (2009), Andrew (played by Ryan Reynolds) visits his family in Alaska accompanied by his wife to be, Margaret (played by Sandra Bullock). Soon after their arrival, the viewer can detect the differences in

  • Analysis Of British Indian Sculptor Anish Kapoor

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    Dhruv Setty Analysis: Anish Kapoor In this discussion I will be describing two works designed by British-Indian sculptor Anish Kapoor. This is followed by discussion of the two significant aspects of his work context and narrative. Born in Mumbai, India, in 1954, to parents of Punjabi and Iraqi heritage. Anish Kapoor moved to London early in his career to pursue studies in design. He first gained notoriety for his work in the 1980s for creating biomorphic sculptures and installations Revered

  • Analysis Of Daniel Orozco 's The American Business World

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    The American business world is strikingly bureaucratic and very much so a competition to be the best of all. Often times this mindset destroys the concept of humanity. Individuals will focus on competition rather than networking and creating meaningful relationships with colleagues. Daniel Orozco’s Orientation delves into this realm of focused, competitive production. However, in lieu of just showing the importance of order and a strong work ethic in an office, he shows how the counter effects of

  • The City Of The Chicago City

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    Cloud Gate is the Chicago’s icon. The tourist does not miss to see that icon because it 's a place for taking memorable pictures and looking at the skyline of the Chicago city on the bright Bean. The sculpture of Cloud Gate was designed by Anish Kapoor in 2006. He was born in India on March 12, 1954. He moved to London for further studies about arts in 1970s.  It was his first public artwork that he created in United States. Among 30 artists who submitted their sketches to build a sculpture in the

  • Examples Of Exoticism In These Foolish Things

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    Madden’s film reflects this exotic and romantic vision of the East. Notably, some of the deviations from the original book are designed to make India appear more exotic. As Devasundaram points out, Madden changes the title from Deborah Moggach’s These Foolish Things to something more extravagant and ‘exoticised’ (2014, p.243). Furthermore, the film even changes setting from the ‘modern IT hub’ Bangalore to the more ‘exotic’ Jaipur, thus invoking ‘orientalist stereotypes’ (ibid.). The film’s use of

  • British Rule in India and the Response of Indian Society

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    India is a country that is rich in culture and spiritual beliefs. This all changed when the British landed a company that not only changed the societal business but also the government rule as well as their cultural aspects. This company was named the East India Company. With its gradual expansion, the company managed to build English communities in Calcutta, Bombay, and Madras; the three presidency states of India. Although the East India Company's intentions where to pursue and expand trade with

  • Role of Panchayati Raj Institutions in the Assessment and Identification of Disability

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    ROLE OF PANCHAYATI RAJ INSTITUTIONS IN THE IDENTIFICATION AND ASSESSMENT OF THE SPECIAL NEED CHILDREN. Dr. Seema Singh*, Mrs. Paromita chaubey The 73rd amendment to the Indian constitution (1992) is a landmark in the evolution of Panchayats in India which carved out the third tier of the Indian Political System. Earlier we had only two Tiers - the union and the State governments. Now we have the third tier – the panchayats at the village