Ramin Bahrani

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    Analysis Of Chop Shop

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    upset and sleeps in the bathroom. The next morning, they awaken and meet outside the garage in the morning sunlight. Ale, smiling, begins feeding pigeons. Once there’s a large crowd, Izzy stands up and smiles and goes “HEY” and they all fly away (Bahrani). The contrast between the dark night they returned home and the bright morning is stark. The new morning brought them happiness. It shows that even though they are still in poverty and they do not know what to do right now, they still have a bright

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    From 1922 until 1943, the cinema came under the fascist regime of Benito Mussolini, who ruled the kingdom of Italy. The cinema was set to often promote the Fascist state, pessimistically characterized, these films were many filmmakers were producing these types of uninspiring films due to the fascist regime. Films presented a different way of life about Italy, which avoided the real life struggles with reality, leaving a huge hole for directors of the neorealism era to emerge in. With the World War

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    Topic 1: The short film, "Plastic Bag" by Ramin Bahrani is about the eternal life of a plastic bag. There is some mythic imagery within the short film in the first opening scenes when the plastic bag is "created". The bag with its arms sprawled as if on a cross looked like Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ to some is although real, appears to by a mythic symbol to others. When the cashier took him off to be used for groceries he looked like he was being taken down from the cross. Images are used as art

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