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  • The Effect Of Rocket Angle On Projectile Range Of A Tennis Ball

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    Projectile Range of a Tennis Ball Aim: The aim of this experiment is to determine the effect of the launching angle on the distance of the projectile, to identify, apply and use the laws of projectile motion to predict the distance at which a projectile will travel when projected at a known angle and velocity and to investigate the effect varying angles of trajectory have on displacement. Hypothesis: If the launching angle is wider than 0° but less than 45° then the farther the projectile range will

  • The High Dynamic Range Compression Operator

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    4 METHODOLOGY HDR image given as an input with radiance map I^h, f (.) is the high dynamic range compression operator computes the radiance map in a low dynamic range I^l = f (I^h). An important goal of this method is to decrease the large radiance values and increase small ones. To correctly keep the local structures, however, the monotonic mapping of radiance should be satisfied regarding each pixel’s neighborhood in a small local region, similar to the global tone mapping curves monotone

  • The Most Interesting Facts About Range Rover

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    Five Surprising Facts About Range Rover A British carmaking masterpiece, Range Rover is renowned worldwide for its superior performance and outstanding resilience when it comes to off-road driving. This is why it has become a favorite among the elite. If you are planning to purchase a pre-owned Range Rover in Dubai, here are some of the most interesting facts you need to know about this luxury brand. 1. The steering wheel of the first-ever Land Rover was located in the middle. The first Land Rover

  • The Problem Of Reproducing High Dynamic Range

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    1 ABSTRACT The problem of reproducing high dynamic range images on devices with restricted dynamic range has gained a lot of interest in the computer graphics community. In this paper, new adjustment tone mapping method is presented for displaying high dynamic range image on low dynamic range device without any lose in image details and preserves image contrast. Instead of linearly scaling the luminance of all pixels or introduce local gamma correction with adaptive parameters for all pixels

  • Multi Dynamic Range Of Video Game Essay

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    2016 Televisions Of the latest generation in home television sets, High Dynamic Range (HDR) is the newest feature on 4K televisions. The LG B6 and the Samsung KS8000 televisions are two 4K television sets offered in a 55” size that has differences that will appeal to either movie watchers or video game players based on the latest HDR technology, picture quality, and input interaction. One of the main things the 2016 television will catch consumers’ eyes is the most recent marketing technology buzzwords

  • High Dynamic Range Of A Digital Photography Technique

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    INTRODUCTION High dynamic range is a digital photography technique that collect multiple exposures of the same scene where captured with different exposure settings and merged using image editing camera software to create a more realistic image called HDR images. The dynamic range of a scene, image or imaging device is defined as the ratio of the highest to the lowest luminance or signal level. High dynamic range image can capture great dynamic rage that represents the whole tonal range of real-world scenes

  • How Technology Can Be Short Range Communication

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    and other data with other cars within 100 meters. Many cars have tools that use radar or ultrasound to identify the hurdle but the range of sensor is limited to certain length and they can’t detect the obstacle. So this technology which use higher-level technology which can be helpful in many prospects. Technologies thatC2C Communication uses are Dedicated short range communication (DSRC), Wireless LAN, GPRS, CLOUD, Mesh Network, This technology is reviewed by MIT and General

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Adaptive Histogram Equalization

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    will provide a better pixel distribution of the image channels and thus gives a more accurate average value of the channel which represents the average value of the channel for the whole dynamic range. The equation (6) is used to stretch the histogram of respective color channel to the whole dynamic range. Pin and Pout are the input and output pixels, respectively, and imin, imax, omin, and omax are the minimum and maximum intensity level values for the input and output images,

  • My Employer's Current Performance Evaluation

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    position of an employee’s salary relative to the salary range midpoint. The salary range includes a minimum, a midpoint and a maximum. The midpoint represents a 1.0 (100%). Comp-ratio is calculated using the employee’s salary divided by the midpoint of the salary range. If the CR is .90 (90%), the employee is to be paid 10% below the salary range midpoint. If the CR is 1.00 (100%), the employee is to be paid at the midpoint of the salary range. If the CR is 1.15 (115%), the employee

  • Range Of Motion

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    Range of motion refers to the full potential movement of a joint. This movement typically comprises the range of flexion and extension along a particular axis. Limited range of motion is caused by a decline in a joints ability to move like it should. This is caused by pain, swelling, or stiffness in the joint area. A goniometer is a tool that is used by therapists to measure the range of motion of a joint in a client’s body. This is done by the therapist placing the center of the goniometer on the