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         Rap music is on its way to becoming one of the most popular forms of music on the market today. Although rap has only been popular for the last 15 years, it can be traced back to the days of slavery and even further to the tribes of Africa. Rap is used now as it was used for the past few centuries, as a form of communication. This music has been a way for the young African-American's to speak out about their lives and the struggles they go through. Like rock-n-roll and

  • Hydesville Rappings Essay

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    In this essay, I am going to discuss the importance of the “Hydesville Rappings”. I will be talking about the Fox sister’s and the family and how they discovered communication with the spirit world. How they could communicate in simple understood code. How they discovered certain people were mediums. Also what findings were established as a result of the first Hydesville rappings. Hydesville rappings have allowed us to discover the truth and gaining the knowledge of life after death. This has

  • Essay On Hydesville Rappings

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    On the 31st March 1848 the first communication, connecting with spirit, involving the Fox sister’s known as the “Hydesville Rappings”. How a code was devised to communicate with spirit, a cynical neighbour curious joined in. This was an unlikely place for connecting the two worlds. At that point, there were many obstacles the Fox sister faced during their lifetime, however, allowing us to see the truth, furthermore gain the knowledge of life after death. Worldwide knowledge of this truth and

  • Armando Christian Perez, otherwise known as Pitbull, was born in Miami, Florida on January 14,

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    High School, where he graduated and made the tough decision to not continue on to college. Pitbull persued his rapping dreams until he was noticed by a famous rapper and from there his career really began. Pitbull is most prominent for his rapping, but he has also played parts in many movies and has developed his own school. Rapping was a key component as Pitbull

  • Research Paper On Kid Blue

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    describe him, I would say that he's the best big brother ever. He shows me to never give up, by he started rapping as a hobby, now he performs in front of many people. He performs with two friends they all would have never guessed that they would ever meet Eminem's Dj At a Performance. He works hard writing lyrics, because that allows him to perform, to get a paycheck. Kid Blue started rapping as a fun hobby. He first started making beats and lyrics on the computer then he recorded them.

  • A Long Way Gone Freedom Analysis

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    Since the beginning of A Long Way Gone by Ishmael Beah, the protagonist of the novel Ishmael endeavors to flee from the hardships enkindled by the RUF rebel organization that has amalgamated the country of Sierra Leone, officially making it a war zone. Moreover, for more than two years Ishmael has attempted to escape from the rebels, moving from village to village, rummaging through abandoned homes. Seemingly, the rebels would make their way to Ishmael, sweeping all villages. Deprived of food or

  • Essay about Hip-Hop

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    Music, Dancing, Rapping? Well, it's all of that and more hip-hop is a culture. According to Webster's dictionary, culture is defined as "the concepts, habits, skills, arts, instruments, institutions, etc. of a given people in a given period; civilization." One artist defined hip-hop as "a set of expressions in vocalization, instrumentation, dancing and the visual arts." More specifically, hip hop is a combination of graffiti, breakdancing, djing and mcing (also known as rapping), that creates a

  • Rap : The Flow Of A Disputed Artform

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    Rap: the Flow of a Disputed Artform Often in history, and especially in the timeline of musical trends, the introduction of new ideas is almost always met with steep judgement and general distaste. "It is not music at all. It 's merely an irritation of the nerves of hearing, a sensual teasing of the strings of physical passion." Coarse opinions, such as Princeton University Professor Henry van Dyke’s, were common when jazz music initially received a reputation as being immoral with many members of

  • Hip Hop Culture Then Vs. Now

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    Hip-hop Culture Then Vs. Now Hip-hop is an underground urban movement which emerged in the South Bronx, NY during the early 1970s. Hip-hop is composed of four basic elements; DJ-ing, emceeing (rapping), graffiti and style, and break dancing. These elements are how most people recognize hip-hop culture. Many other people think of hip-hop as just a music genre, but it is more than just a music genre. It is cultivating way of living, and several people fail to understand its true meaning

  • Rap Is A Hero Essay

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    Brighter day after the darkest nights “. Those rappers were heros to many people but they ended up being killed … the rap “game “ was then introduced by another rapper in which who many people now look up to .His name is eminem or “ slim shady “... by rapping his emotions and what pain he has been through was a way he battled his depression .. this man became the hero of many till he just stopped making music but carried on with his touring.. But now its 2017 rap took a plunge ….The new upcoming rappers