Raster image processor

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  • Mapinfo Case Analysis

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    CE1.13 I used the Raster image option in Mapinfo for generating detailed topographical features and calculating the geographical distances and areas. I developed a two stage process for the creation of raster image. First, I initialized the vector coordinate values of the new location site obtained from the GPS receiver from the database Mapinfo software. Second step was the integration of the scanned aerial photographs obtained from Google Earth and paper map of the site location provided by the

  • Unit 30 Digital Graphics Assignment

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    30 Digital Graphics Assignment Task 1 (A) Graphics Card A graphics card is a component of a computer system that helps to generate an image on the computer screen. Graphics cards are connected between the CPU and the screen in a computer system in order to provide the user with a clear image on the screen, a graphics card has its own RAM and its own Graphics Processor, and this means that it does not rely on the CPU to provide the entire RAM for the computer system. The inclusion of RAM into the graphics

  • How Hardware And Software Is Necessary

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    What Hardware and Software is needed to create and edit graphical images. Hardware • Monitor – Visually Displaying the image on Screen, they come in a very of different sizes and resolutions. The monitor is an output device where is receives information from the computer to display the image on the screen in the form of pixels. This data usually comes from the Graphics Card or the integrated graphics within the processor outputted by the motherboard. This connects to the computer either via HMDI

  • Different And Important Elements Within Graphics Design

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    devices and compare their limitations - the limitations of raster will also be compared. With the final point adding, I will

  • Unit 30 Digital Graphics : P1 Describe Software And Hardware

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    hardware to create and edit graphic images. In this world wherever your eyes can reach you will see pictures, videos and other type of graphics images. Images are used in everything from advertising in television and to promote your product in website so it is important to have better graphic images so it is clear and is not blurry and to make sure the graphic image is at its best there are many software and hardware tools we can use to make the graphic images better. There is various hardware available

  • Graphic Card : A Graphics Card

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    A good processor will enable faster performance from the computer and will allow power efficiency when working with graphics. The CPU is measured in gigahertz per second or GHz. A better CPU will allow programs like Photoshop to run faster and better. A good processor allows the computer to run the software and work out the calculations to manipulate and edit graphics. Part D – Digital Camera A digital camera is a device used to capture images or videos. Most 21st cameras

  • History of Video Games

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    Video games have shaped the world your years. Video games have defined us and made us through technology. Some would say they can’t live without video games while others say they would die if they played them. Video games also start franchises, wars, friendships, relationships, and inspiration for those who might one day become a game designer them self. Aside from the gamers and designers, the video game itself is a whole other story. Video games are now-a-days played on consoles and PCs made from

  • What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Digital Information?

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    In traditional time all information’s including books, journals articles, manuscripts, photographs etc. are recorded in leaves, clay tablets, papers and same materials are kept in the libraries. After development of Information Communication Technology (ICT) maximum information are publishing in digital format. Currently various software are available for convert the print format to digital format. It is called digital resources. The digital information’s are save the space for library. For example

  • Augmented Reality : Reality Or Reality?

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    world as it is. For those of you who might not be familiar with the term “Haptic Feedback”, it creates the sense of touch by applying forces, vibrations, or motions to the user. Furthermore, the hardware components of Augmented Reality includes a processor, display, sensors, and input devices. Types of Displays There are many forms of display that augmented reality can utilize. This involves a head-mounted

  • Multimedia Database : An Tool For Proper Organization Of Multimedia Entertainment

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    3.0 DEFINITIONS 3.0.1 Multimedia database: A Multimedia database is a collection of related multimedia data. The multimedia data include one or more primary data types such as text, images, graphic objects(includes drawings, sketches and illustrations) animation sequences, audio and video.[w] 3.0.2 Multimedia database management system(MMDBMS ): A Multimedia Database Management System (MMDBMS) is a framework that manages different