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  • Personal Narrative: An Interview With Nurse Helen

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    My bare feet slap against the smooth, cold floor as I graze my hand across the fractures of the dark gray walls. Patients walk around me with nurses scolding them like monstrous mothers. Compared to all the psychos in here, I seem to be an angel. I never talk back, I always listen, I do what they say. Nurse Helen even said I may be released in a month's time. The workers don’t understand why I was sent here, and neither do I for that matter. I can ignore his voice, I can reject his advances on my

  • Essay about Chrysanthemums, A Review

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    "The Chrysanthemums" introduces us to Elisa Allen, a woman who knows she has a gift for things, but can't make more use of it than to grow her chrysanthemums. She is trapped in the Salinas Valley, where winter's fog sits "like a lid...and [makes] the great valley a closed pot." Her human nature has made her complacent in ordinary life, but the short glimmers of hope offered by her flowers and a passing stranger reveal that there is more to Elisa than her garden. Her environment may be keeping

  • My Role Model In My Life

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    Most life changing events happen with someone whom you truly trust. It is easy to ignore people, withdraw, and not form relationships built on love and reliance. I have truly grown closer to my role model in my life. Matt Harp, my role model, is a man of truth, integrity, love, selflessness, and compassion. Many different times he surprised me with how he acted, spoke and thought. I clearly saw the Lord lead his life, and his actions revealed as much. I wanted to follow his example. He led me through

  • Autobiography And Media Pergraphy

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    Media Logs On the weekday, September 8th, I had no plans other than to go to my 11:00 a.m. class and to make the hour-long drive to go to my home town later that night. I had no middle of the day plans, so I spent my day relaxing and watching internet shows on Netflix. Later, I took some time to text my stepfather, because my car broke down. Once I got my car mobile, I sang along to the radio while I drove home. A week later, September 17th on a weekend day, I used the same types of media again.

  • Nature Of Love InSnow, By Ann Beattie

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    "Snow" is a short story in which Ann Beattie, the author, presents an often unheard of view of her lover. The main character, experiences the heart warming of love towards her lover rather than the desolation of loneliness after her lover doesn’t come back. Later, when the lady learns that her lover is still out there, she knows that all hope of her lover coming back is still there. The crushing disappointment kills her that her lover just left her out there all alone for the winter. Published in

  • Photoshoot Essay

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    Jungkook had been on the photoshoot for only four hours, but he swore it felt a lot longer than that. He had a long, tiring day head of him. He had 2 more schedules after this one and he couldn’t wait until the day ends. “Jungkook, the skin care company called again. They’re revising their offer again, so I’m hoping for a better response from you this time,” his manager informed him as they were preparing to go to his next schedule. Jungkook just nodded in response, not really caring about work

  • Reflection Paper On Thanksgiving

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    Every Year exactly one week before thanksgiving my entire family comes over for dinner at our house. We all sit down and eat thanksgiving food while we talk about our plans for the rest of the year. Most of my family look alike, they all have brown hair and brown eyes. My brother, Brandon, and I were an exception, we have green eyes and long dark brown hair, I never thought about it too much, my mom always told us that we were special. As we enjoyed our dinner and laughed lightning struck and the

  • Survivor's Guilt In The Vietnam War By Boo Kien

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    Survivor’s guilt has played a substantial role throughout the story. Boa Ninh helps the reader to become aware and understand war as being all conquering by comparing it to love. Kien faced many hardships after war, being one out of ten to survive the Vietnam War, he realized that he should “expose the reality” by writing his own biography. He struggles with both the memories of the war and also his trauma post-war. He says that he is required to write about the war as he is the only survivor of

  • The Lilly Kane Murder Trial Interest

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    She waits for Saturday before she stalks Aaron Echolls again. Digging up his credit history, fine, she could do that between classes. Phone logs were a little sketchier, apparently Mr. Echolls had up to three cell phones, she would have to talk to Logan about that. And internet info… She was put off enough by the number of times people in that house Google-d themselves, she didn’t have time to stomach the porn. The Lilly Kane murder trial interest was morbid, but she figured she could relate. Going

  • Analysis Of The Movie ' Ava '

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    Ava had found herself in more than a few situations that had left her cheeks bright red with embarrassment and shame, but this topped all of them by far. It was bad enough that her bronzed, nubile body was marred by the grime and dirt that seemed to infest every spot upon the floor of the locker room. In fact, it was bad enough that her rival, who had just beat and humiliated her in front of an audience, was now being pleased by Ava’s tongue. However, the worst part of it all, as she lay there with