Real property law

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  • The Laws And The Rules And Systems Set Out Within Act Of Parliament

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    Aim The aim of this research is to present three important statutes related to Property professionals and demonstrate how common law helps to interpret the rules and systems set out in Acts of Parliament. Introduction In United Kingdom’s legal system, Statute Law is a law which is written down and codified into law. Statute begins as a bill which is either a proposal for a new law or a proposal to amend an existing law. Statutes are also known as Acts of Parliament (Elliot 2014). Before becoming

  • Importance Of Allocation Of Land In Kenya

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    the National Land Commission (NLC) has responsibilities of allocating public land on behalf of the National or County Governments.(Source: Guides on Land Administration in Kenya). Alienation of land to members is done by passing through the following law applications which include Local Government Act, Physical Planning Act, Land Control Act, Government Land Act, and others. Planning process on public land are drawn up by the National Land Commission so as to prepare for physical development and these

  • The On The Land Registration Act

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    CRITICALLY ANALYZE THE CHANGES BROUGHT ABOUT BY THE LAND REGISTRATION ACT 2012 IN THE MANAGEMENT OF REAL PROPERTY IN KENYA TAKING NOTE TO EXPLORE IN DETAIL THE FRAMEWORK THAT HAS BEEN RELACED. INTRODUCTION The land registration ACT is an act of Parliament to revise, consolidate and rationalize the registration of titles to land, to give effect to the principles and objects of devolved government in land registration, and for connected purposes. What was being revised is the old registration act

  • The Land Registration Act 2002

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    will allow dispositions of registered land to be handled electronically. The LRA 2002 came into existence and in effect replaced the previous act which was the LRA 1925. With the LRA 2002 came some modifications, which in effect made registration of property faster and cheaper. It also ensured immediate recording of transactions and constant updating of the register so as to avoid the late recording of new owners of land. Earlier I mentioned different grades of tittle, which would be awarded by the

  • The Saga of the Tigua Indians Essay

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    The Saga of the Tigua Indians The Saga of the Tigua Indians is an amazing one. By all reasoning they should have been wiped out long ago. There quiet defiance to change, however, has carried them through. From the height of civilization to near extinction the Tigua have remained. They endure imprisonment by the Spanish, oppression and manipulation by everyone that followed. This is the story of a people thought to extinct, that are once again learning to survive. Early histories of the Tigua

  • Electronic Conveyancing ( E Conveyancing )

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    buyers and sellers, are subject to many possible problems within the conveyancing process. A primary concern is the registration gap. This is the time between the transfer of drawn up and agreed up contracts and the actual registration of the property unto the new owner. Particular issues with the registration gap is the fact that in any transaction there are too many parties involved, length of transaction is too long and the transparency/opaqueness is questionable/questioned. One of the original

  • Land Law Assignment : The Case Of Cassegrain V Gerard Cassegrain & Co Pty Ltd.

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    Land Law Assignment The High Court has as of late considered the fraud special case to indefeasibility of title of land possession in the case of Cassegrain v Gerard Cassegrain & Co Pty Ltd. The decision permits a wife to keep a half benefit for a dairy farm property in spite of paying no thought for it and just being the beneficiary of that intrigue due to her spouse 's fraud. The misfortune here is the party denied of a benefit for the land by fraud, while the victor is obviously the unwitting

  • Buying Agricultural Land in India Essay

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    Investment in real estate has always been a lucrative avenue for investors who want to see their money grow manifold. But off late with recent stagnation in the real estate prices there has been a negative effect in the real estate market of traditional property such as Apartments, Offices etc. In this scenario one area which is seeing a gradual demand is agricultural lands. According to expert agricultural land has always been user friendly and not to costly medium of investing in real estate. On

  • Property Law Coursework Essay

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    whether this is allowed. Firstly we consider that one of the main motives for letting the property is so that they can generate an income through the payment of rent, this can be seen as Richard received a payment of £100 per month from Darryl so that he could use the workshop. Lord Templeman in Street v Mountford (1985) included rent as part of the definition of tenancy; Section 205(1) (xxvii) of the Law of Property Act 1925 provides that a term of years means a term of years whether or not at a rent

  • Law Rules For Registered And Unregistered Titles

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    Land law holds a reputation for problematic and complex criticism, being built upon two separate, mutually exclusive, systems: the registered and unregistered land systems. The consistent application of law in this area depends upon adherence to legal principle, derived from a clear understanding of the law. First, this essay will consider a brief history of registration and the enforcement rules applying to registered and unregistered titles, looking at their distinct characteristics. Following