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  • The MQ-9 Reaper

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    Afghanistan while in a hangar in Hawaii. The feed is coming from an MQ-9 Reaper showing soldiers on the battlefield; your job is to guide them and provide oversight while searching for enemy combatants. I was the analyst whose task this was. The General Atomics MQ-9 Reaper (sometimes called Predator B) is an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) capable of remotely controlled or autonomous flight operations. With the help of the Reaper, I monitored and informed the units of enemy activity and possible locations

  • Reaper

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    Reaper The poem “Reaper” by Jean Toomer presents a theme that is quite dark, for the mood of the poem deals with the effects faced by African American slave labor during that time period. In his poem, Toomer portrays African American laborers as black reapers working like black horses mowing the field. They are able to sharpen their tools and carry their sharpening stone in their back pocket working independently in the field but are equal to machines like mowers being pulled by black horses in

  • Short Story: City Of The Fallen

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    can retire?” “No. We just get disassembled for some snot nosed band brat and his xylophone. Of course we get retirement! We just go live up above. How do you think Sully and his passengers lived through that crash? There happened to be a retired reaper taking a flight on that plane. Needless to say, the big guy was pissed at that, but, his company, his policy.” Skully brought out a file and placed it in front of Jason,“here, your next case.” The spell sword thumbed through the file,“a

  • Short Story : The Story Of The Gifts

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    disrespectful.” "You take your job far more seriously than your fellow reapers." The demon said, rising to his feet and giving the red wings a mighty shake, scattering mud from their feathers. "Hasn't anyone ever told you to loosen your tie before? Perhaps if you did you could think clearly and learn to relax.” Adrian wanted to step back as the demon moved toward him again, but he stood his ground, shielded by his weapon. "All reapers take the job just as seriously as I do." Adrian retorted, his eyes

  • Starccraft Reapers

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    campaign grenade. (3) The Mass Effect Reapers are a highly-advanced machine race of synthetic-organic starships. The StarCraft Reaper is just a Terran jet-pack equipped infantry unit. (4) The Mass Effect Leviathans are an ancient aquatic race that dominated the Mass Effect Galaxy in the time before the Reapers. The StarCraft Leviathan is a massive airborne zerg breed. (5) The Mass Effect Banshees are synthetic-organic creatures derived from Asari and mutated by Reaper technology. The StarCraft AH/G-24

  • Playing the Reaper

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    Playing the Reaper December 13, 2013, a day that will always hold an agonizing place in my heart. On this day, my beloved grandmother passed away at 82 years old. Her loss was unbearable. It was hard, and still relatively difficult, to picture a world without one of the most loving people I have ever met. In the end, it was pneumonia that took my grandma away from me, and I watched helplessly in a cold hospital room as the disease slowly crippled and mutilated her. You want to keep holding onto faith

  • Are You a Reaper?

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    The book is old. The cover worn and tattered. The binding coming undone and several papers falling, or threatening to as the young hand flips though them. Pages centuries old. The writing ancient and almost indistinguishable. Written in a language just as old. Just as ancient. But they do not matter. The pages escaping from the binding hold no meaning anymore. They haven't held a meaning in many years. The hand ignores them, continuing to flip through the pages. Each turn more recent. As if flipping

  • Alliteration In The Solitary Reaper

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    to the common people, something Wordsworth did well. "The Solitary Reaper", by William Wordsworth, is a short example of everything that Romantics believed about solidarity whilst also adding the feeling of common people in true Wordsworthian and French Revolutionary fashion. This poem addresses his beliefs about the war along with the prosperities that encompassed the natural isolation of the romantic movement. "The Solitary Reaper" was written just after the end of the French Revolution. Tensions

  • Grim Reaper Metaphors

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    changing high achiever to achieving a high statePoem Satavanan ^Simile: Drug dealers ready to take your soul like grim reapers. ^Symbol: Grim Reaper ^Hyperbole: 1,000,000 intakes a day still not enough to satisfy thee ^Repetition: (Idea) Yet people still use them ^Chiasmus: Stop abusing drugs and drugs will stop abusing you ^Personification: Death from drugs, not gentle or kind, but harsh and painful & DRUGS KILL YOU ^Onomatopoeia: BOOM --> After the DRUGS KILL YOU on the first line --------

  • Grim Reaper Satire

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    The Grim Reaper must be recompensed for your atrocities against the poor animals that suffer the butchery your country allowed in Yulin. Perchance the upcoming festival will be the one the Reapers skeletal arms swings his fabled weapon, the harvester of souls through all those morally corrupt mortals. The summer solace will provide no warmth against the cold chill as death descends upon Yulin. make no mistake, Hades will demand a heavy price to balance the scale of darkness this festival has cause