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  • The Rossafella Records Label Inc

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    Summary The Rossafella Records Label (RRL) is an independent, multifaceted record label that aims to produce high quality audio and visual entertainment to a diverse audience across both national and international borders. Located in Bondi, Sydney (NSW); RRL, will aim to capitalise on the growing music market across the country by bringing talented local acts to the forefront of the Australian music scene by allocating time and resources to their projects. In doing this it is of the best interest

  • Radio And Record Labels Essay

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    Radio and record labels have both come a long way since when they were first invented. Radio’s came from being a great source of entertainment among those who were able to afford it. It was a staple within the household. Sometimes the entire family would gather around the radio at a particular time and listen to the boxing match live. Record labels still work under the same concepts as they do today, rather you like them or not, they have created artist and disputed many of the favorite hits that

  • What A Record Label Is It Still Relevant Today And The Structure Of A Records

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    report, you shall find what a record label is, is it still relevant today and the structure of a record label. What is a record company/ label? According to Heather Mcdonald on, "Record labels are companies that manufacture and distribute recorded music and promote that music (or at least hire people to handle the promotion). There are two kinds of record labels; independent (indie labels) and major labels (aka big four labels). Indie record labels are independent companies

  • The Digital Record Label For The Edm Artist Essay

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    SINE RECORDS - PORTFOLIO Industry: Sine Records will be a Scottish record label for the EDM artist who is looking for a reliable and approachable company to release their music through. Our aim is to forge long-lasting and personal relationships with our artists and our consumers. A strong online presence will form the foundation of the company and the form in which our products will be sold. Not only will Sine Records release music, but we will also market sample packs and synthesiser presets

  • The Pros And Cons Of Indipendent Record Label

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    interacting with artists through a hybrid approach. Furthermore, it should be dedicated more significance to artists' personalities, as one of the most important selection criteria, since it would also influence the eventual relationship with the label seeks to build with them. Dealing with a excessively self-confident artists, such as “prima donnas”, could be highly risky and could led to potentially detrimental conflicts. Relationships with the artists have been proven to be crucial, especially

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Independent Record Labels

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    There are many advantages and disadvantages of the two different types of record labels, these include. Advantages of Independent Music Record Labels: • Artists Get The Rights To Their Music: This is a massive benefit of signing a contract with an indie label. As they have there own rights their have been a big increase of artists music being in the charts or being used in tv, film, and movies. By being allowed to keep the rights to the music, artists have the option to do what they would

  • Case Study : Record Label Music Co Essay

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    1.0. Introduction This assessment deals about the issues and the challenges faced by the record label Music Co, which consisted of a high number of incident tickets concerning its digital release planning system. As reported mostly by the sales team record label company, most of the issue was a result of delays in a release leading to dysfunction of the company creating a lot of user un-satisfaction. In order to resolve this issue, Six Sigma DMAIC project has been implemented. Instigating this process

  • The Independent Record Labels of the 1950’s and 1960’s

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    The Independent Record Labels of the 1950’s and 1960’s History of Music Production Eric Eller Throughout the 1950’s and 1960’s, a wave of new musical movements by independent record labels and new artists emerged in the United States. This movement is captured in the stories of those label creators and owners, and in the turbulent journey through their successes and failures. The first emergence was fueled by multiple factors: competitive economic circumstances, up-and-coming local musical

  • Music Industry : Independent Vs. Major Record Label Essay

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    Major Record Label Music is at our fingertips. We can turn on a radio or select a song on a menu and it chimes back at you the melody of the song you selected. A man named Scott de Martinville of the 18th century was fascinated by the way photographs preserved images, and he felt as if he could do the same with sound. The invention of the phonograph was the beginning of the music industry. Musicians could now use a machine to record their sounds and then publish and dis- tribute records. With records

  • Top 10 Major Record Labels Nowadays Essay

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    Top 10 Major Record Labels Nowadays. Music and Business Music has several functions in the society, such as the expression of emotions; creation of joy; communication; entertainment; integration of a society; and the continuity of culture. These functions of music make music a human need, which results in humans demanding for music. The human need or demand for music makes music a valuable item (good). Therefore, humans (artists) create music as a good that can be sold for revenues and profits. This