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  • Recreation Supervisors

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    Advocates and Recreation Supervisors. Family Advocates are one of those jobs that allow parents and children to communicate to social services through a medium. Another job that would also be beneficial to parents within the U.S.A. is a Recreation Supervisor which plans and makes certain that the city has planned events and activities for the community to do and participate in. These careers can tell a lot about what types of jobs are helpful for people to become successful

  • Benefits Of Physical Recreation

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    United States of America, early development of documented recreation began in the late late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Vast amounts of physical recreation include cycling, hiking, participating in a dance class, basketball, etc. Controversially, recreation has no documented definition due to the varying meaning among individuals. Recreation, stemming from the Latin form recreation, translates to “restoration to health.” Recreation can be generally considered activity that people engage

  • Outdoor Recreation and Park Management

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    In order for a national park to protect their natural and cultural values, it is crucial for managers to effectively and actively administer protocols and regulations to safeguard the ecological integrity of the park and to provide to visitors the service they desire. While managers attempt to resolve such issues, they find themselves in a predicament where conflicting goals play a problematic factor. A diversity of issues poses as threats to the flora and fauna, vegetation and landscape of parks

  • Taking a Look at Therapeutic Recreation for Adolescents

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    Therapeutic Recreation Alison, J., Negley, S., & Sibthorp, J. (2013). Assessing the Social Effect of Therapeutic Recreation Summer Camp for Adolescents With Chronic Illness. Therapeutic Recreation Journal, 47(1), 35-46. Over 2 million adolescents in the United States have a form of chronic illness and frequently have decreased levels of social self- efficacy and social ability. The summer camp industry and the field of therapeutic recreation have been found to have positive influences on certain

  • Lightning Safety For Athletics And Recreation

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    Position Statement Review Title of Position Statement: National Athletic Trainers’ Association Position Statement: Lightning Safety for Athletics and Recreation Year of Position Statement: 2013 1. In your own words describe the objective of the position statement you have chosen. The objective of this position statement is to educate all those involved in athletics of lightning related sports injuries and to help them understand how to care for and prevent lightnen related injuries. 2. I realize

  • My Philosophy Of Recreation And Leisure In Modern Society

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    I used to equate recreation, leisure, and play with laziness and unproductiveness, but taking this class has broadened my view of these terms and helped me to conceptualize my pre-existing beliefs and develop my philosophy. Through this class I've learned that recreation, leisure and play are essential, not only in my life, but for all ages and in all cultures and societies. My Philosophy of recreation, leisure,and play is that you need to have a balance. Work and other responsibilities need to

  • At Risk Youth And Afterschool Programs Recreation Programing

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    At-Risk Youth and Afterschool Programs Recreation Programing In the United States and developed countries around the world, it is generally accepted that schools play a tremendous role in the lives of children, youth, and families in urban, rural, and suburban communities with populations of widely varying socioeconomic resources. However; in some communities there seems to be a clear need to provide more program support for organizations, and to provide programs and services for hours

  • Qualitative Study of Reasons for (Non) Participation in Physical Recreation

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    Tourism, Leisure, Hotel and Sport Management 1002HSL Introduction to Research Assessment 1 Qualitative Study of Reasons for (Non) Participation in Physical Recreation Part 1a) Introduction: The objective of this qualitative study is to investigate and compare the responses of single and married women that do not participate in physical recreation. Lack of physical activity from married and single women has been studied less extensively than men’s physical activity. (Vehoef, Love & Rose 2003) The

  • Outdoor Recreation Is A Big Part Of Humans Interacting With The Environment

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    Outdoor recreation is a big part of humans interacting with the environment. Hiking, biking, hunting, fishing, visiting national parks, examining wildlife, and traveling: these are the primary outdoor recreational activities in the United States. Each one has a significant impact on the environment. At some outdoor recreational activity spots there are restrictions as to where guests can walk and how much of the environment they can explore. This isn’t to make the guests mad; it is to preserve nature

  • The Diagram Above Shows Recreation, Sports, Tourism, And Parks Essay

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    The diagram above shows recreation, leisure, sports, tourism, and parks as being interconnected, with each possibly depending on each other for success. Recreation refers to an activity that in individual participates in with a structured timeframe (Introduction, 2013, p. 4). Leisure has multiple meanings, one being “Unobligated time, state of being, and consumption patterns,” in addition to occurring outside of working life (Introduction, 2013, p. 4). Sport occurs during leisure time, either