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  • From ‘Dream of Red Chamber’ to Explore the Marriage System

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    From ‘Dream of Red Chamber’ to explore the marriage system in imperial China ‘Dream of Red Chamber’, written by Cao Xueqin in the eighteenth century, is the first Chinese novel which used a love tragedy to convey the message of the miserable marriage life of the Chinese. It was a common practice for author to turn a love tragedy into a happy ending instead. For example: in ‘The palace of eternal youth’, despite troubles in the present life, the two main characters, Li Longji and Yang Yuhuan, were

  • The Dream Of The Red Chamber

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    Don Quioxte and The Dream of the Red Chamber There are cultural differences in each culture, such as the eastern verses the western. There are other cultures as well as their own by understanding the norms and values of each culture to see how each are different and similar to one another. Eastern culture tends to be more traditional, orthodox because of the Asian culture and way of life. They have different norms and values; at a young age they are taught to respect elders and put honor, religion

  • The Stone

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    In The Story of The Stone(紅樓夢) written by Cao Xue-qin, we can find another important function of the dreams which is to reveal the destines of the characters. The Stone was later on translated as The Dream of the Red Chamber. It could be understood that the whole fiction was describing a life of dream from its name. In Chapter V: The spirit of Jia Baoyu visits the confines of the Great Void, author set up a dream which Jia Baoyu dreamt that he went in to confines of the Great Void, and meet

  • Family In The Jia Family

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    family alive at once, this ideal of family required that they all cohabitated and coexisted with one another. In the fictional Jia family there are many stressed relationships due to the strain of keeping a large family afloat. In Dream of the Red Chamber, Cao Xueqin uses the story of the Jia family’s decline to show how this ideal family type is unattainable in the long term, as well as lens to evaluate feudal system during Qing dynasty. The major problem facing the Jia family is that each generation

  • Freedom And Naturalism From Zhuang Zi And Cao Xueqin 's Works

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    Freedom and Naturalism: The Common Idea of Freedom in Both Zhuang Zi and Cao Xueqin’s Works Zhuang Zi was famous for his Daoism ideas, which were recorded in Zhuangzi, the foundational text of Daoism; whereas Cao Xueqin was famous for his Story of the Stone. They are all opposed to Confucianism, to complicated social norms and to success including fame and wealth. But what is strange is that skepticism or naturalism in both works are also integrated part of Chinese philosophy, and usually is essential

  • A Comparison of the Quest for Enlightenment in Candide and Dream of the Red Chamber

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    Enlightenment in Candide and Dream of the Red Chamber      Seventeenth-century Europe saw the end of the Renaissance and ushered in the Neoclassic era. During this period, which is also called the Enlightenment and "The Age of Reason," society advocated rationalism and urged the restraint of emotion. Writers modeled their works after the Greco-Roman satires and picaresque novels. At around the same time in China, the author of Dream of the Red Chamber explores a different kind of enlightenment

  • Karma, Clarity, Superstition, And Reality

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    Alex Miradoli COLI 110 19 November, 2015 Essay 2 Karma, Clarity, Superstition, and Reality Karma is a powerful influence on humans, but only when one gives it the power to be influential. The sum of a person 's actions in the past can decide one’s fate in the future; this belief is artificial but impacts our moral decision making nonetheless. Those that walk the path to light are rewarded, and those that travel the road to darkness are punished. The acceptance of this value may shape one’s actions

  • Feudalism In Pride And Prejudice

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    Differences and the Reasons of the Two Characters from the Perspective of Feminism As everyone knows, although there are a lot of similarities in the two works, the endings of them are quite different. Pride and Prejudice has a nice ending, while A Dream of Red Mansions is a tragedy. The differences between the two characters are just one of the factors that lead to this outcome. 3.1 The Inevitability from the Character in Pride and Prejudice Although Darcy is a man of noble birth, he has the economic base

  • Descriptive Essay : ' My Boots '

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    prepare you. When I had arrived in the Atlanta airport it was the first time I ever felt alone. This was brave new ground for me. I was about to embark on a journey that would change my life forever. Basic Training is divided into 4 stages, reception, red, white and blue. Reception is the phase before basic training even begins. It consists of medical exams, shots, long lines and meaningless tasks. It is considered the most mentally challenging part of basic training by some. This is where you get your

  • Wooster Glass Case Study

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    WOOSTER — Sit down with Greg and Kathy Long and you would never know the couple has been named to the Wooster Area Chamber of Commerce Wall of Fame. Greg, managing partner of the Long, Cook & Samsa accounting firm, and Kathy, president of Wooster Glass, will be honored for a lifetime of achievement at the Chamber’s annual dinner meeting Jan. 18 at GOJO Industries, however, they seemed more focused on those who never made it to the wall or who should be on the wall. “For everyone on the wall there