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  • Movie Analysis : Going Audience

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    Whenever any film is released to the mainstream American movie going audience, it becomes subject to the wrath or appraise of movie critics. Audiences not set on whether or not they intend to see a particular film usually turn to these critics for their professional opinions and judge whether or not the movie will be worth the time and money. When Election hit the silver screen in 1999, it was met with critical acclaim and well-received by audiences. Since its premier, the film was gained a legacy

  • Marilyn Monroe : The Stereotypes Of Marilyn Cameron Monroe

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    You may have heard of the famous actress Marilyn Monroe. If so you would know that she was an actress in the 1950s and 60s and acted in movies such as Men Prefer Blondes and Some Like it Hot. In most of her movies, she played the smaller parts but even though her characters had little to say she still put just as much emotion into them as the main characters had. Billy Wilder describes her as an "an absolute genius as a comic actress". But during the time period of her career, most blonde women were

  • A Moral Examination of Roger Kumble's "Cruel Intentions" Essay

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    for Sebastian, who has a reputation as a master of deflowering virgins. He agrees and of course succeeds but he has more challenging goals in mind. While turning through 17 Magazine one day, Sebastian came across the young Annette Hargrove (Reese Witherspoon), who happens to be the first character the audience meets with morals. Annette wrote an article titled "Why I plan to wait: A virgin's manifesto", where she goes into depth about all the reasons that she won't surrender her virginity until she

  • The Movie ' Pleasantville '

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    The film Pleasantville shows the changes in American society over the past 50 years by placing two teenagers into the Pleasantville show, which was from the 50’s. The movie depicts how there is no longer the “American Dream” and no longer a perfect way of life and the changes the world has made. The world that the teenagers come from is filled with sex, drugs, money, and is very different from the way the world was in which the Pleasantville Show took place in. Morals and values have changed in

  • The Terminator By James Cameron

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    technology and its impact on society. The Terminator takes place over the course of a week in the 1980s in an unknown town. The movie is about a robot (a “terminator”) that goes back in time to kill a woman named Sarah Connor and a man named Kyle Reese who tries to save her. The terminator begins to systematically kill women named Sarah Connor in the city the movie takes place in. The terminator finds the right

  • Important Concepts on Film Edition

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    Section 1F 1. Define parallel editing, montage sequence, and master shot, using Nichols. Give an example of parallel editing that you notice in The Terminator. a. Parallel editing is method of editing scenes that shows two separate incidents happening at once. In The Terminator, this editing method was used when, after calling Sarah Conner pretending to be her mom, the terminator comes to the hotel that she and Kyle were staying at. During this scene, the scene where Sarah Conner and Kyle are

  • The Influence Of The Media In The Terminator

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    This media plays a very important role within the communication and giving enough information to its listeners, viewers and readers all around the world. There are forms of communication that relayed by the media is provided by the film where most films are produced to connect to those viewers who watch them. The messages these films offer can either be negative and positive; even though there may result in people acquiring certain trends or even stopping the performance of particular activities

  • The Film Techniques Used By Cameron

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    Being a science fiction fan during his childhood, he worked his way in producing several highly acclaimed science fiction movies such as Avatar, Aliens, and the Terminator. Born on August 16, 1954, in Ontario Canada and later moved to California to finish his college at California State University. In order to pursue his dreams in cinematography, he worked as a truck driver and would work on screenplays. Then his career began from an art director in Battle beyond the Stars (1980) to directing various

  • Artificial Intelligence In Frankenstein And Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

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    Artificial Intelligence is undoubtedly a hotly debated topic in today’s society, with many concerned that it will soon enslave humanity and others saying that it’s harmless and only here to help us. Many sci-fi movies, such as the infamous 1984 film produced by James Cameron, The Terminator, portray robots as becoming knowledgeable and taking over the world. Humanity creates an artificially intelligent program known as Skynet, which becomes completely cognizant and overthrows the world by initiating

  • Artificial Intelligence In Frankenstein

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    resistance that attempts to destroy the program; however, they are met with Skynet’s cyborg army. Skynet sends a terminator, played by Arnold Schwarzenegger, back in time to destroy Sarah Connor before her son, the leader of the resistance, is born. Kyle Reese is then sent after the terminator and, in conclusion, saves Sarah and destroys the terminator (Terminator). This movie and text are closely related in the sense that a character from either the book or motion picture relate to a character in the alternative