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  • Reflection Paper On Reflection

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    My Reflection Rheann Ridley Colorado Christian University My Reflection August 28, 2017, the first day of my fresh and scary journey. My first day as a Colorado Christian University student, English composition online is my first class. Part of me is ready; part of me is ready to throw in the towel. I hadn’t even had a chance to turn a paper in, and the first assignment, a 5-paragraph essay had me thinking “you’re a crazy person for going back to school, it’s been 11 years since

  • Reflection Paper

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    were decided with a keen focus on the client’s comfort and ease to record. The choice of art materials were based on my client’s preference. My client was insistent on including palettes of left over paint from the studio, various sizes of paper, thread, tracing paper and marker pens for the session. To open the session, I use open questions, paraphrasing and reflecting (McLeod, 2013), like, “What did you want to talk about today” (p1, 0.14). One example early on in the session of paraphrasing and reflecting

  • Nursing Reflection Paper

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    reflecting upon involved a situation in which I realized that I was an acquaintance of a patient my co-caring nurse was preparing to admit to the unit. For confidentiality reasons, this person will be referred to as Betty for the remainder of this reflection. I met Betty about eight years ago, as I was a close friend of her brother. Although her brother and I grew apart, I would still occasionally see Betty around. Never did I think that I would ever see her on the unit in which

  • Reflection Paper On Reflection

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    knew how to write short story analysis papers, or your run-of-the-mill story reflection. After hearing I would have wrote a total of 5000 words minimum, I was left flabbergasted. Nevertheless, the challenges faced when writing these papers gave me an abundant amount of knowledge in transitional word use, and finally becoming comfortable with the drafting process. When writing my papers, however, I still would like to increase my ability to structure my papers with more confidence. Before this period

  • Reflection Paper

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    One of the easiest and sometimes hardest papers to write are ones that are a reflection on what you have learned over the course. I enjoy reflection papers because it allows me to put what I have thought and felt the whole class onto one paper. It can be difficult because two to three pages really isn’t a lot of space if you feel very passionate but I find a way to make it work. This class was a last minute add on for me because I switched majors to graduate a little earlier. I thought that I was

  • Reflection Paper

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    used to struggle with forming my thoughts into writing, let alone a paper. I was never confident with what I wrote. My writing had no greater purpose other than the assignment. My writing process included: writing my paper, proofreading it, and turning it in. Once the paper left my hands, it also left my mind. Throughout this course we worked with others, visited the writing lab, wrote critiques, and we were able to revise our papers. I believe that all of this is has caused me to grow greatly as a

  • Interview Reflection Paper

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    seemed that some of the solutions he found were already there. It took reflecting his words back to him in order for him to become aware of them. The open-ended questions seemed to cause him to dig into his unconscious more so than the reflections. Though the reflections were more of an instantaneous awareness as opposed to the open-ended questions being more laborious for him. However, without the questions to help him to dig for answers, the awareness he seemed to gain may have not been as instantaneous

  • Reflection Paper In Counseling

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    Entering my third semester of clinic at Towson University’s Hearing and Balance Center I have been exposed to a variety of experiences, in terms of counseling. Counseling is a skill that is learned through years of practice. Having been under supervision in clinic for the last two semesters, I have had the opportunity to observe multiple counseling sessions performed by my clinic supervisors. Over this time, I have seen an array of approaches to counseling such as the order at which the information

  • Reflection Paper

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    accomplished, writing the paper. So, although I absolutely love to research and write about my findings, I have always found it to be a struggle writing essays. The words seem to come easy in my head, but when the time came to write or type those words into sentences was the most difficult. Even though I have endured difficulties and challenges this semester, I have given 100% into each assignment. The discussions, blogs, letters, emails and assorted categories of papers completed, they have all proven

  • Reflection Paper On Reflection Of Me

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    The Reflection of Me As look back on this class, I have realized just how much my writing has improved since the beginning of the quarter and the first big assignment. I kind of went from being a writer that really didn’t understand how to correctly write a good essay. To a person who also went from being a writer that was not very confident in her work and one who over thought everything into a person who kind of found her own kind of writing style. Who can quickly and effectively write an essay(