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  • Essay on Thomas Herzog’s Private House in Regensburg

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    The Private House in Regensburg was built in 1979, which is Thomas Herzog’s own home; one can declare that he is the client and designer himself thus fulfilling his own needs or desires for the site. The house demonstrates particular principles of energy efficiency, making it an early eco-home. This can be shown by the use of local materials, or taking advantage of the site for characteristics like protection and aesthetics. Thomas Herzog was born in during World War 2 (1941), in Munich, Germany

  • The Commanalities of Plan and Form in Thomas Herzog's Private House in Regensburg

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    The Private House in Regensburg was built in 1979, is Thomas Herzog’s own home; one can declare that he is the client and designer himself thus fulfilling his own needs or desires for the site itself, is referred to as ‘his Wohnhaus in Regensberg (1979), with its steep, ground-sweeping pitched roof, is content to get its summer shading from the tree canopy above’. (Rattenbury, et al., 2004) Throughout this essay I will analyse Thomas Herzog’s House at Regensburg explaining the commonalities of

  • Comparing Bioclimatic Features of Thomas Herzog's House at Regensburg with Two Other Eco-Friendly Houses of the 20th Century

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    The House at Regensburg was built in 1979 and is located in Regensburg, Germany. It was designed by Thomas Herzog a German architect born in Munich 1941. Many of Herzog’s buildings are associated with bioclimatic architecture and eco-friendly buildings mainly due to the fact Herzog was involved in the concept of solar power technology. During this essay I will analyse Thomas Herzog’s House at Regensburg and explain the themes and principles behind different aspects of the house in comparison to

  • Descriptive Essay About Reensburg

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    Regensburg [Germany] is renowned for being home to some of the most charming looking towns in all of Europe. Cities like [Cologne], [Dresden] and [Koblenz] (to name but a few) are postcard perfect treasures, yet among all of them, you may be hard pressed to find one which is as enticing as Regensburg. The town which sits on the confluence of three rivers (the Danube, Regen and Naab) is one of Germany’s oldest and seems to have the best of everything. Its stunning UNESCO-listed centre is simply superb

  • Why Student Attends Secondary School

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    our educational system. These ambitions have led me to believe that diversifying my knowledge of educational systems is imperative and I have chosen to study abroad in Regensburg, Germany in order to receive an international perspective on education. Due to my passion for education and because the study abroad program at Regensburg that I selected will benefit me in achieving my long term goals, I believe I would be a worthy candidate for the 2016 Cassandra Pyle Scholarship. When I was still in the

  • Cost-Effective and Beneficial Sustainable Architecture Essay

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    My argument is how sustainable architecture can be used and how it can benefit the Earth and it’s residence in an environmental or cost-effective way. Thus, leading to exploration of the different forms, of technology and materials used. Further developing my research on how culture, or time, might have affected, what or why, the building might have been constructed in a certain way, and also how the location might have affected the designs, of the buildings. Thomas Herzog was born in 1941, In

  • The Roles of HMGA Proteins Essay

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    Therefore, it is the overall aim of my PhD project to gain insight into the in planta functions of HMGA proteins. The project will be performed in the laboratory of Prof. Dr. K.D. Grasser (Regensburg University), whose research group is specialised on studying plant chromosomal proteins. Towards the goal of elucidating HMGA function, a variety of experimental approaches will be employed using as central tool Arabidopsis plants with altered levels

  • Business Report

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    international locations of the business. | |The domestic location of BMW is in Greer, South Carolina. There are six plants in the world, located in, Dingolfing, Africa, Regensburg, America, China, and Leipzig. | |Summarize the CEO’s letter to shareholders from the annual report (at least 5 bulleted points). | |The BMW Group has enjoyed four consecutive

  • The Influence Of Fashion In Medieval

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    In medieval society, fashion was controlled by the pyramid of power, which was the feudal system. The way one dressed showed his/her amount of wealth and social class. Fashion was highly influential during medieval times and was often dominated by the kings and queens. Sumptuary laws were put into place to restrict the ordinary people from dressing like the wealthy. As the eras changed and different periods advanced, the style of the people changed accordingly. (Newman.) When the Norman’s invaded

  • Bmw Strategic Analysis

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    meaning that most of its aspects, like storing and distributing, are outsourced to their suppliers. Two major clusters of BMW are Leipzig and the so called "Automobildreieck" (automotive triangular) which includes the cities Dingolfing/Landshut - Regensburg - Ingolstadt. According to a research of the IWD (Cologne) about 20.7% of all social insurance registered employees work for the automotive