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  • Character Analysis Of Shinji Ikari

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    That all being said, let’s discuss each character in further detail to provide better insight as to why their faults are necessary plot devices to tell a larger story (i.e. the central story). Shinji — The reserved, self-loathing protagonist, Shinji Ikari, epitomizes the introvert personality by concealing his true identity a-la the hedgehog’s dilemma (first introduced by philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer). Just a brief reminder for anyone who hasn’t watched the show for quite some time, as this

  • Why I Don 't Want Die !

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    Shinji, and Kaworu have always been close since the beginning and i’ve never really been a part of that, I know why that is and I can’t change it so I just accept their company as enough. As time passed I realized that Shinji is the heart of the group, Rei his younger sister is the soul, And Kaworu is the spine that fits us all together. And I made the muscle in the group. Mari’s ficken problem is she can’t get her scheisse together and find her spot in the group, worst of all is that I used to be just

  • Shinji Reflection

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    choice in the first place to pilot the Eva but rather a misunderstanding since he believed that is father was finally going to welcome him back after all all this time, but that wasn't the case at all. He did eventually pilot it because he didn't want Rei

  • The Is An Acronym Recreational Equipment Inc.

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    REI is an acronym Recreational Equipment Inc. This is an American retail and free services corporation that aims at providing fun to the citizens of America at large. It is one of the best service providers when it comes to hiking, camping, sporting and other traveling equipment. The U.S economy is growing rapidly and therefore it has affect any business organization of a firm. The current economic state affects the retail services of REI in the following ways. The U.S. Economy has truly possessed

  • Haruka Alternate Ending

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    in embarrassment, while Rei had his hand over his face pushing his glasses up, covering the not-so-well-hidden blush on his face. Gou’s hand twitched. She grabbed Kagura’s fan off the floor and smacked Nagisa upside the head in

  • Des Garcons : Innovations Towards A Different Types Of Fashion?

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    fortunately, has not been a downfall to the company so far but what will it become in the future of the business due to consistently changing trends? Comme des Garcons, one of many well-known high end fashion brands, was established in 1973 by creator Rei Kawakubo. As a fabric handler at a textile factory she did not have any initial “plans in the making” for this brand it was mostly created on a whim. She stated in an interview, “I wanted to have some kind of job because at that time, having money meant

  • Art Of Selling Fashion : The Art Of Selling Fashion

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    The Art of Selling Fashion “Fashion” is a very strange little word. When I try to pinpoint its meaning I always fail, as it seems to encompass too many ideas to distill into a single, concise definition. “Doesn’t it just mean clothes?” “Well, yes.” “But don’t clothes need a wearer?” “Of course.” “Can you separate clothes from their wearer?” “Em-” However, while I’ll often endure these tortured inner dialogues, I don’t really care that much about what fashion might literally mean, because, ultimately