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  • Reining: An International Sport

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    Reining: the Sport The term to rein, in the dictionary, is to check or guide a horse by pulling on its reins or to keep under control. This word is the root of an international sport, one that is unique and strikingly challenging. The strength of the horse and rider team is apparent when they are in the arena. Doing complicated maneuvers that countless experienced riders could only dream of attempting. Hours upon hours of preparation, sweat, and practice has gone into the single performance in

  • Western And Western Saddles

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    “Western horses tend to be compact and capable of steady travel all day with small bursts of speed to chase stray cattle” (Blocksdorf 2016). Of course, a Quarter horse can participate in the English discipline, and a Dutch Warmblood could participate in reining, but those breeds are usually specifically bred for either English or Western disciplines. A similarity between English and Western riding is the posture. Both types of riding require the rider to sit up straight in the saddle and have their heels

  • I Love Horses Research Paper

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    "First place goes to 218 Katelynn and her horse She's a Package!" Joy and pride surged through my body when I had won. Horse to me is more than the dictionary definition. The word horse is defined as an animal, a herbivore with hoofs instead of feet. In my life, though, horse is the loss of my grandpa, trying to live up to expectations, and the anxiety of getting hurt. Horse is loss. Loss as in losing someone. For me, I lost my grandpa, papa, to cancer Three almost four years ago. He was a very

  • What Is The Quarter Horse Essay

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    American Quarter Horse The Quarter horse, or the American Quarter Horse is the all American symbol in the equine world. A remarkable animal, with an amazing history, the American Quarter Horse can easily spring roughly ¼ times faster than other horse breeds. Originally created for competing in quarter races several centuries ago (thus the name of the breed), the Quarter Horse is one of the most complex, and beloved horse in America, if not in the world. Very adaptable and with a gentle, thou resistant

  • Types Of Driving And Horse

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    considered to be one of the most upcoming and popular sports in Australia. Currently Australia has won the most amounts of medals in Endurance Events worldwide, compared to any other type of sport. Reining Reining is another discipline of riding that is classified as a type of western riding. Reining competitions involve a rider and horse performing a series of precise skills such as

  • The Bushido Code: A Personal Analysis

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    To weave all eight virtues of the Bushido code into the narrative fabric of our lives is a difficult task. Our individual desires and conflicts manifest themselves, making certain virtues more difficult to adhere to. In my case, that elusive virtue is courage. My struggle with courage began at the age of seven during my first soccer practice when I quivered with fear behind my mom, while the other girls rushed to the field to play. On that day, I learned that my ongoing battle will be conquering

  • Selecting The Next Chapter

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    Selecting the Next Chapter Eventually, we all reach the age at the end of our high school career when we have to choose a path. The path that we select will guide each of us to the trail that we will follow for the rest of our lives. Some of us will choose to go directly into the workforce, potentially go to a trade school, or even go onto a post-secondary education in order to obtain a degree. What decision we make then determines what the rest of our life will hold, how successful we can possibly

  • List Five Transitions Necessary For A Future Sustainable Civilization

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     List five transitions that are necessary for a future sustainable civilization. 1) Reining in urban sprawl 2) Revitalizing cities 3) Viable, resource-efficient cities 4) Leaving the countryside for agriculture and natural ecosystems 5) Address the social needs of the people  What is smart growth? Describe smart growth strategies that address urban sprawl. Smart growth is choosing a better way for communities and cities to grow without hurting the environment. “For example, the recently emerged

  • Knights Templar

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    In the final moments of Jacques de Molay’s life, it is reported that he uttered a curse directed at King Philip IV of France and his descendants. He vowed that Philip would pay for his crimes within the year. Soon after, Molay was burnt at the stake and any reminisce of the Knights Templar died with him. However, the history of the Knights Templar did not die with him. In fact, the legend of the Knights Templar has been ever-present theme, often appearing in the recesses of where folklore and conspiracy

  • Similarities Between The United States And Japan's Political System

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    The United States’ and Japan’s political systems have some similarities and differences. The United States has a federal government, which in our textbook is defined as “a system of government in which power is divided, by a constitution, between a central government and regional governments.” Japan has a unitary government which is defined as, “a centralized government system in which lower levels of government have little power independent of the national government.” Some of the similarities in