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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Reinsurance

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    Reinsurance is protection that is acquired by an insurance agency (the "surrendering organization" or "cedent" or "cedant" under the course of action) from one or more other insurance agencies (the "reinsurer") straightforwardly or through a representative as a method for danger administration, some of the time by and by including charge alleviation and different reasons depicted underneath. The surrendering organization and the reinsurer go into a reinsurance understanding which points of interest

  • The Role of Reinsurance Industry

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    Describe the role of the reinsurance industry. Give examples from recent events of the importance of the sector. Jack Nolan (09006300) 1. Introduction: What is reinsurance? Why do insurance companies go through the process of insuring policies before transferring them to other entities? Reinsurance is a method which involves insurers insuring their own respective risks with reinsurance firms. Firstly, an important function of reinsurance is to ensure that the insurance operations of company’s

  • Essay on Reinsurance Of Catastrophe Risks

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    Reinsurance of Catastrophe Risks Introduction Extreme events happen very seldom, however, they can inflict tremendous damage when they strike. The events are either natural occurrences (earthquake, flood, volcanoes, landslides, tsunamis) or man-made event (fire disasters, plane crashes, riots). Increasing earthquake damage in recent years is evidence of rising vulnerability for the communities as more people with more valuable property are residing in earthquake-prone areas as it is observed

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Surety Bond

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    5 CREDIT SCORING Before starting the underwriting process the cedant and/or the reinsurance company perform a credit score for each contractor. This help to understand if the contractors can fulfill with their obligations. The Table 13 is an example of a scoring table with the weight for each rank. The score is giving in a scale from 1 to 10, being 10 the highest score. This table change from cedant and reinsurance company depending on their capacity, risk appetite and how they know the

  • Reinsurance Group of America and Fonterra: Going for Unified Global Operations

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    Case: Reinsurance Group of America and Fonterra: Going for Unified Global Operation 1. What is the business value of these global systems developments for the companies mentioned in the case? The business value of these global system developments for the companies mentioned in the case is very high. In case of RGA, the employees can analyze data by client, contract, and product and can find client errors very easily. This has been made possible because data is not stored at one place. This

  • Notes On Variable Interest Entities

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    Variable Interest Entities—An entity that does not have sufficient equity to finance its activities without additional financial support, or in which the equity investors, as a group, do not have the characteristics of a controlling financial interest is a VIE. The determination as to whether an entity qualifies as a VIE depends on the facts and circumstances surrounding each entity and may require significant judgment. Our investment funds generally qualify as VIEs and are evaluated for consolidation

  • Reinsured Essay

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    reinsured has granted an indemnity without having reinsurance cover (as the reinsurance contract is voidable). A reinsurer may also rely on a breach of the underlying insured and its failure to disclose material facts to the reinsured. In cases of non-disclosure of an underlying insured, a reinsured may make an ex-gratia payment and therefore, the reinsurer may argue that there is no indemnification. In each situation where reinsurance is voided, the reinsured is left in an unfavourable position

  • Case Study : Seabright Insurance Company

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    has slowed down. In 2015, a major change occurred when all of SeaBright’s net liabilities (i.e. loss reserves associated with its prior workers comp business) were shifted to an Enstar affiliate, Clarendon National Insurance Company, through a reinsurance agreement. Circumstances that led the company to run-off: SeaBright was placed into run-off driven by weakened underwriting performance associated with reserve strengthening actions for accident years 2007 through 2009, primarily related to increasing

  • Catastrophe Bonds

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    scenarios, which may not be available if traditional reinsurance is used. Catastrophe bonds help to diversify the protection capacity and supplement traditional reinsurance. The insurance companies are transferring major risks and thus have more capital to underwrite new business, therefore using the bonds to diversify their sourcing of reinsurance. The issuance of risk-linked securities is a great strategy in supplementing traditional reinsurance, but these bonds still need to prove their value in

  • American National Insurance Co.

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    American National Insurance Co. COMPANY OVERVIEW American National Insurance Co. is a major American insurance corporation. The corporate headquarter is located in Galveston, Texas since founding in 1905 by William Lewis Moody. American National Insurance Co. and its subsidiaries (collectively “American National”) operate in all 50 U.S. states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and American Samoa. Subsidiaries consist of six life insurance companies, eight property and casualty insurance