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  • Compare And Contrast Soul Surfer Movie And Movie

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    Compare Contrast Paper For this essay assignment of choosing a real-life event and comparing it to the movie remake version, I chose the movie Soul Surfer. Soul Surfer is based off of the true story of how a young girl, Bethany Hamilton, lost her arm due to a shark attack.  Bethany was 13 years old at the time her attack occurred on the morning of Halloween 2003. Bethany was surfing with her best friend, Alana Blanchard, along with Alana's dad and brother in a place known as "The Tunnels" or Tunnels

  • Analysis Of Dungeons And Dragons Remake

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    Dungeons and Dragons remake Okita, Gozen "Shiing!" My sword sings as I pull it from my sheath, instantly making me feel like its fate to feed my sword blood again. I slide it across my pointer and middle fingers of my left hand, steadily watching my reflection. I take a deep breathe and kick the door down to the queen consort 's chambers. "Damn, they 've already been here.... now it 's a game of chase." I smirk to this conclusion I 've come to. I jump out the window and study my surroundings, only

  • King Kong Remake Analysis Essay

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    filmed instead of how it’s being filmed. The difference is remarkable between the two films King Kong (1933) and the remake of King Kong produced in 2005. The perspective of how the story played out is very different between the two films. On one end, in the original, Kong is portrayed as a violent beast similar to a Godzilla type figure that is a huge threat to civilization. In the remake, it

  • Music in the Great Gatsby Film Remake

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    In the “Great Gatsby” movie soundtrack, Jay-Z, the soundtrack’s executive producer, compiled an excellent variety of modern day songs in this movie reflecting the 1920’s era. The songs chosen for this film would be most characterized as songs of love, romance, extravagance, grandeur, high society, mystery and many other qualities. These traits of song themes were chosen for this soundtrack as well as modern day songs twisted into a 1920’s melody. Jay-Z did an excellent job of doing so. Although all

  • Comparing Rap Music: The Bad Dead And Its Remake Evil Dead

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    minor changes to make on it to get an A. This paper represent my growth as a writer because I had very if any grammar and spelling mistakes compared to my early papers. For my second paper I chose “Comparing the Horror Movie The Evil Dead and its Remake Evil Dead”, because this paper had minor mistakes that were easy to fix. This paper shows how I’ve improved as a writer by having only one grammar mistake and no misspelled words. For my third paper I chose “How to Steal a Base”, because I thought

  • Designing A Remake Centric Film Festival From A Project Essay

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    Research I got the idea to create a remake centric film festival from a project I did in another film class. In that class, my group and I decided to do a presentation on horror film remakes. While trying to decide on while two films to talk about, I found that a multitude of horror films had been remade. I continued looking up films that had been remade and eventually made it through the lengthy list of horror films, and found other genres that have had remakes. Once I found enough content to pad

  • Is Clouds By Aristophanes : The Corrupt Nature Of Individuals Who Try And Remake Laws

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    to control society by molding the political agenda to fit their needs, intellectuals use rhetorical skills to get away with their bidding. In this essay I will argue that Clouds by Aristophanes captures the corrupt nature of individuals who try and remake laws or customs for the purpose of gaining money and power. Through the the implications that arise from a democratic political framework, and the transition between the superior and the inferior argument we see democracy 's faulty nature; The desire

  • The Men Who Knew Two Much A Compairson of Hitchocks Classic Original and Remake

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    The Men Who Knew Two Much A Compairson of Hitchocks Classic Original and Remake Many works of art can be considered artifacts that hold volumes of information regarding the culture of the people that created them and the historical context in which they lived. Films are also treasures of culture, filled with clues and insights into the attitudes and perceptions of the people of the day. While documentary films obviously present a historical record of people and events, dramatic fictional

  • Differences Between Pssycho And Psycho

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    When the topic for the research paper was decided on finding out how the cultural differences in a movie and its remake versions are dealt with by film makers , it was astonishing to find many similar works which were already done related to this topic. This proved that many observed films rather than just watching it and were curious to learn the potential of films for holding up the cultural values and beliefs of a particular society. In addition to this, all this studies were a sneak peek into

  • Nightmare On Elm Street Movie Comparison Essay

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    Brooks English 1010 October 6, 2017 Nightmare On Elm Street Remake VS. Original Me being a total horror movie fanatic and with the remake craze taking the horror genre by storm, we all compare the remake to the original while we’re watching it. One of the most classic horror films of all time, Nightmare on Elm Street, was originally made in 1984 and later got remade in 2010 after a slew of sequels. When Nightmare on Elm Street got a remake, everyone at that time had split decisions about the new