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  • The Impact Of Remittances

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    times, overseas workers have been sending larger remittances annually to their home countries. These remittances proves to be a vital source of foreign exchange for developing countries. The overall development impact of remittances, however, has not been well established. Remittances are spent primarily on day-to-day consumption expenditures, housing, land purchase, and debt repayment. Remittances are also directed into productive investments. Remittances spent on domestic goods and services in Pakistan

  • Essay on The Social Dimension of Sending Remittances

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    Introduction The social impact of remittances is a very important area of research and discussion within academia and in the wider world. What is the effect of remittances on the senders, the receivers and the wider communities in which both sides live? This essay will attempt to address the issue of the social dimension of remittances by analysing the debate on this issues through a number of examples of both the sender experience and the receiver experience. In this way we are able to get a better

  • Malaysia Remittance And Payment Market Outlook To 2019 Essay

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    Malaysia Remittance and Payment Market Research Report 2015-2019 (Driven By Increasing International and Domestic Migration) -By Ken Research 1 © This is a licensed product of Ken Research and should not be copied TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. 1.1. Malaysia Macro Environment and Factors Malaysia Macro Environment Overview 1.1.1. Malaysia GDP, 2009-2019 1.1.2. Population and Number of Households in Malaysia, 2009-2019 1.1.3. Export- Import and Exchange Rate Fluctuations, 2009-2013 1.2. Personal

  • Essay on A Migrant’s Search for a Better Life

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    migrants showed him various procedures and techniques on how to survive as an undocumented immigrant. Morelos’ first step towards achieving the “American Dream” entailed working diligently and saving as much money as possible. Initially, he sent remittances home to his mother who was to bank it there for him after she subtracted small amounts to be used to make her life easier while he was in America. Her husband had

  • IT in the New Future

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    1.1 Introduction A revolution is taking place. Information Technology has quickly emerged as a significant field all over the world. Computers are extremely versatile and finding their way into every business, industry and research activity today. The uses of computers are diverse and encompass entertainment, education, communication, problem solving, research, decision-making and everything. The whole lot will be merged to IT in the near future. The wired world of business, where technology, human

  • Altruism Theory: Rapoport And Docquier (2006)

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    Rapoport and Docquier (2006), gives a unified framework for theoretically modelling the different motives why migrants remit. There framework clearly points out that altruism is the main motive for remitting. The other motives like exchange, family loan arrangements, insurance, investment and other mixed motives which they clearly point out are referred to as “enlightened selfishness” by Lucas and Stark (1985). The current study just provides a brief summary of the main theories of why migrants

  • Remittance In Haiti

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    Remittance occurs when an expatriate sends funds to their country of origin. It provides an outside source of income for the country while forcing citizens to look for jobs outside of these underdeveloped nations. Investopedia mentions the importance of this to the economic development of countries by stating that “in 2014 $583 billion in USD was transferred between countries, $436 Billion in USD was transferred was received by developing countries” (Investopedia, 2005). This fact demonstrates how

  • Bitcoin and Remittances in Karnataka

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    Bitcoin and remittances in Karnataka Research Question – To what extent will Bitcoin be a viable alternative to traditional methods of remittance to Karnataka? Word Count - 2500 India currently has the highest amount of remittances in the world with approximately 70 billion US dollars (The Economic Times, 2014) being sent to India in all of 2013. As India is the highest in terms of receiving remittances, it is the most likely be effected by a new, possibly better means of remittance which through

  • Remittance Flow Of Bangladesh And Bangladesh

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    Abstract In Bangladesh, remittance is one of the most important economic variables in recent times as it helps in balancing balance of payments, increasing foreign exchange reserves, enhancing national savings and increasing velocity of money. Moreover, it is greater than foreign aid and thus helps in lessening dependence on foreign aid. Remittance gets momentum in recent time in Bangladesh and is the second largest sector of foreign exchange earnings after the garments sector. If cost of imported

  • Migration, Remittances, Inequality and Poverty the Philippines

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    Abstract Migration, Remittances, Poverty and Inequality The Philippines By Ernesto M. Pernia The paper looks into the effects of international migration and remittances on household incomes and well-being, poverty reduction, human capital investment, saving, and regional development in the home country. Remittances appear to raise average incomes for all income groups but more so for the richer households than for the poorer ones, a finding that is consistent with that in several Latin American