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  • Reflection On The Republican Party

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    A little over two years ago, the Republican Party surprised me by electing its first African-American chairman. I would have never thought that it would happen and many had their own ideas why. Whatever the reason, that was now the case and history was made. Not being of this party, I can not speak directly to the affect he had on this party but what I can say is how much of his election made me begin to see both parties moving forward and America finally beginning to turn the page on race relations

  • Facts and History of the Republican Party

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    for anyone (including the wealthy) and that wages should be set by the free market. Stand on Military issues: Increased spending Stand on gay marriage: Oppose (some Republicans disagree) Stand on abortion: Should not be legal; oppose Roe v. Wade (some Republicans disagree) Stand on Death penalty: A large majority of Republicans support the death penalty. Social and human ideas: Based on individual rights and justice Traditionally strong in states: Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas Symbol: Elephant

  • The Democratic Party And The Republican Party

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    The Republican Party has a total of 18 US presidents that were in office, the most of any political party to date. The Republican Party started with Abraham Lincoln and working its way down to George W Bush. The first start of the Party was in February, 1854, when antislavery Whigs met together to discuss a formation of a new political party. One such meeting on March 20th, 1854, in Wisconsin, is remembered as the Founding meeting of the Republican Party. The Civil War made the Republican Party victorious

  • The And Republican Party Establishment

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    The GOP and Republican Party establishment elites are no longer on the side of the true American. The true America is what our founding fathers had risked and gave up so much to establish with the Declaration of Independence and the signing of The Constitution. Unfortunately in this election cycle, the establishment has made it very clear that they are more concerned with their political party elitist ideals than being a representative of the American voter. Each political party has a duty to its

  • Essay on The Republican Party

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    The Republican Party The Republican party is one of the two major POLITICAL PARTIES in the United States, the other being the DEMOCRATIC PARTY party. It is popularly known as the GOP, from its earlier nickname Grand Old Party. From the time it ran its first PRESIDENTIAL candidate, John C. Fremont, in 1856, until the inauguration of Republican George BUSH in 1989, Republican presidents occupied the WHITE HOUSE for 80 years. Traditionally, Republican strength came primarily from New England

  • The Republican Party Essay

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    Though the Republican Party was founded on pro-minority ideals and continued to have the support of minorities its reputation quickly began to change. Wagner (2007) states that during the early late 1800s and the early 1900s, Republican support weakened among the working class. In addition, many Americans, including a sizable number of Republicans, believed that American society had lost its moral fiber. As a result of these factors, many Republicans became affiliated with the Progressive Movement

  • The Republican Party And The Democratic Party Essay

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    The Republican Party has long relied on the support of older, white, conservatives. Regrettably, they are a shrinking portion of the voting population. The problem that they face is a shrinking voter base, mainly due to age. As their electorate shrinks, it is imperative for the party to appeal to the more liberal younger generations for support. The Republican Party needs to look forward to true reform. Above all, the party needs to abandon much of their social conservatism to appeal to millennials

  • The Republican Party Or Grand Old Party

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    The Origin, The Change, The Present The Republican party or Grand Old Party (GOP), for over 150 years, has maintained itself as a major political party within the United States of America. As a whole, the republican party follows the belief of military build up ,less taxes, and more importantly, a limited government. However, throughout recent years there has been an influx of conservative values being spread throughout the GOP. These values include harsh stances against: homosexuality, immigration

  • The Democratic Party Of The Republican Party

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    political landscape. Critical examination of US presidential elections show that they draw widespread attention from across the globe. In many instances, the major political parties differ significantly on policies, a prospect that may work to the advantage or the disadvantage of the candidate for Democratic Party of the Republican Party. After months of the long bruising primaries, the GOP conducted its convention in Cleveland while the democratic sect held their convention in Philadelphia. The speeches

  • democrat and republican parties Essay

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    Democratic Party at its worst is better for the country than the Republican Party at its best.” This was a statement made by Lyndon B. Johnson in 1955. Lyndon B. Johnson of course was a Democrat. Is this quote true today? That is a question that can only be answered after a careful analysis of the philosophy of the Republican and Democratic leaders that help to run this nation.      “Neither of the two major parties is made up of people who are all of one mind. Each party is a