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  • Shafer Library Research Paper

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    The Shafer Library and Its Many Flaws The Shafer library is an obviously rather old building that has trouble even keeping up with all the commodities offered by even my dorm as far as studying is concerned for example, I have a very good computer and laptop that easily outpaces the horribly outdated tech provided by our cramped little library. Some people might stress the importance of keeping some things the same holding onto their quaint traditions with outstanding vigour, but sometimes things

  • Thesis and Research Paper on Computerized Library System

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    Computerized Library System Introduction Schools set the various pedagogical changes to achieve the current level of education in other countries. Because of the growing numbers of computer users, this became an effective medium to demonstrate the knowledge and skills of the students. From the traditional searching process for the books in the libraries, the interactive usage of computers can be now addressed as part of the library system. Background and Problem Statement In the aim of the universities

  • Different Empirical Research Studies From The Book ' The Grand Canyon University Library ' By Baum And Locke

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    Two empirical research studies were compared in the comparison matrix. The articles were located in the Grand Canyon University library. ” Article one written by Baum and Locke (2004) is entitled:” The Relationship of Entrepreneurial Traits, Skill, and Motivation to Subsequent Venture Growth.” Article two written by Connelly, et al. (2000), is entitled: “Exploring the Relationship of Leadership Skills and Knowledge to Leader Performance.” Article one contributes to the dread of personal characteristic

  • Library Research Topics

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    Finding a Research Topic and Exploring the Library The area of interest I have chosen to explore is the connection between the inclusion of a real world curriculum and student motivation levels in the mathematics classroom. Lack of student motivation is a common problem I experience as a high school mathematics teacher, hence this is an area in which I have great interest. In my experience, students with low motivation levels often have low academic achievement, poor high stakes testing scores,

  • The Necessity Of Libraries For Research

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    The world we live in today and the modern generation rely around the internet and social media. The necessity of libraries for research has become relatively extinct compared to the amount of knowledge available at one’s fingertips in a matter of seconds with the internet. Hand writing letters to loved ones is looked upon as an ancient practice to the modern generation, where a text message or e-mail can be sent in seconds. Even e-mail is losing popularity between younger people due to its slower

  • Using The Ual Libraries For Research

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    PPD: I have learnt the value of using the UAL libraries for research for my essay. I feel that it is a great resource to allow me access to books that would deepen my understanding of the assignment by borrowing books about criticising photography. It allowed me to explore many themes, I found that looking at industry professionals’ work that could help me to broaden my argument and find unexpected avenues to research and inform my ideas. I would also like to improve with the essay how I find quotes

  • Understanding Library Impact On Student Learning

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    Many college decisions alone are made upon the evaluation of a campus’ facilities, most importantly, the library; the central spot students meet and attain their studies. The Watauga campus of Caldwell Community College and Technical Institute has been neglected and is in dire need of a more sophisticated and modern academic library. Academic libraries benefit students, as well as faculty members. They offer a place for students studying alone or with a group, provide reference materials, and in

  • The Impact of Information and Communication Technology (Ict) in Nigerian University Libraries

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    Nigerian University Libraries Dorcas Ejemeh Krubu Kingsley Efe Osawaru Department of Library and Information Science Ambrose Alli University Ekpoma - Edo State, Nigeria Introduction With the invention of Information and Communication Technology, libraries now use various types of technologies to aid the services they render. Everyday new technological advances affect the way information is handled in libraries and information centers. The impacts of new technologies are felt by libraries in every aspect

  • Censorship In Libraries Research Paper

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    Censorship in Libraries Books have made a monumental impact on our lives bigger than we realize. Throughout history, books have been used to write stories, history, parts of an individual’s life, and take us to places untouched by reality. Books have been used to challenge the thoughts and beliefs of others in the past and have helped change the future. If every book was challenged that didn’t agree with what society deemed as acceptable and inoffensive, we wouldn’t be where we are today. Understandably

  • Library Advantages And Disadvantages

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    “Academic Libraries continually adapt to the technological advances and administrative challenges that follow”. The staff plays an important role between the information and the users. The staff being professional, or paraprofessional should possess the knowledge of online databases, knowledge of all web features etc. Besides that, the systems may get updated, replaced regularly and hence learning new or upgraded online resources must be an integral part of every position in the library (Eells. L