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  • Obtaining Evidence to indicate an Alert In order to present admissible and acceptable evidence in

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    remote monitoring, like using GPS or other cell phone location information to track a suspect’s physical location. This is where the Federal Wiretapping and Electronic Surveillance Act of 1968 play a role (Gardner, 2013). May the police look into a restroom stall to

  • Injustice Reflection Paper

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    had happened with the injustice that happened to me. One day during class I had decided to go to the restroom and the restrooms were in portables. We had to walk a bit away to the bathroom. As I was walking to the bathroom portables I saw a girl run past me who also came from the bathroom but I didn’t think anything of it. When I got to the restroom I noticed that the janitor was at the restroom doing what he needed to do but wasn’t there. His cart had just been there so I assumed he was off somewhere

  • Grapevine Faith Classroom

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    of issues that violate moral code and privacy policies. The upstairs restroom is ideal when taking a quick pit-stop during passing periods or during class. In this restroom, there are seven total stalls, yet only four of them lock. One trip to the bathroom during a passing period consists of waiting in a long line going out the door since only four girls are able to use the restroom at a time. Teachers encourage using the restroom during passing periods, however, time in between class is unsuitably

  • Persuasive Essay On Transgender Issues

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    funding being withheld if they didn’t follow through with the enforcement made by the Education and Justice department. Donald Trump was then elected president, and though he says that transgender citizens should be allowed to go to which every restroom they feel comfortable in, he revoked this directive and left it up to the states to decide what they wanted, based off the thoughts of the community. Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick had a lot to say about this topic. He criticized school districts who have

  • Transgender Bathrooms

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    But, there is no way to prove if you are actually a transgender. NBC Washington states, “D.C. police have charged a security guard at a Giant grocery store with simple assault after a transgender woman said the guard forced her out of the women's restroom.” The guard was mistaken because the “woman” could not prove anything. She didn’t know if this person was a man or a woman because it is too confusing. “She” didn’t have a permit or a legal document saying that “she” was a woman. So, until you

  • Transgender Community Should Be Allowed To Use The Bathroom Of Gender

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    think that it would be a responsibility for our society to make sure our restrooms are safe and non harmful , available for every person.Many people fear sexual harassment or abusive conflict that might happen in the bathrooms,

  • Transgender Bathroom Access And Public Schools

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    leaves transgender people vulnerable to The state in March became the first in the country to restrict access to publicly-operated, single-sex restrooms and changing facilities to the gender on a birth certificate rather than the gender with which someone identifies harassment and violence. I think when it comes to the bathroom situation, we should use the restroom that our

  • Bathroom Laws

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    it would be better to have usage based on the gender listed on birth certificates or single stall unisex bathrooms. Many people claim that perverts, peeping toms, and rapists could abuse the law in order to attack women and young girls in public restrooms and locker

  • My Experience : My Childhood Experience

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    that I am today. For example, growing up in a farmer’s family in a small village in China, we did not have a restroom in the house. Every day after dinner my neighbor Soey and I would walk two minutes to the neighborhood public restroom. It was built with dark grey bricks, no doors, consisted of no toilet paper, and could only be occupied by four people at a time. However, I found the restroom trip to be enjoyable because it was the only free time I had where I could catch up with friends after a long

  • The Between Bathroom Placement And Gender Roles

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    The placement of female restrooms in public establishments suggests the existence of gender inequality. Due to inadequate information surrounding the topic of bathroom placement an independent study was done to find whether there is a correlation between bathroom placement and gender roles. Considering the lack of information provided the way in which the sexes usage of bathrooms will be analyzed as well as transgender bathroom rights. The independent study consisted of going to sixteen public establishments