Revolutionary United Front

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  • The Revolutionary United Front

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    infections around his amputated hands: “The first victim was dragged forward and forced to kneel before a stump. As the man screamed, he severed one limb first, then the next” (Campbell, Ch. 1, para. 6). Ismael described the way that the Revolutionary United Front (RUF) attacked his village of Koidu, Sierra Leone – an area that is rich in diamonds, the catalyst that led not only to the RUF, but the civil wars that plagued the region. Even though Ismael’s story is likely a dramatized conglomerate of

  • Revolutionary United Front Movie Summary

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    The movie takes place in Sierra Leone in 1999. The country has been devastated by major political unrest. The Revolutionary United Front intimidates locals and capturing many people to mine diamonds. They use the diamonds to fund their ongoing war. One local fisherman named Vanday gets separated from his family and forced to word for a harsh warlord named Captain Poison. One day Vanday finds a large pink diamond in the bottom of a river. The warlord tries to steal the stone from Vanday. The village

  • Examples Of Ethical Issues In Blood Diamond Movie

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    blood diamond movie, large numbers of diamonds are mined ruthlessly and inhumanely. The movie is set in 1999 in Sierra Leone in West Africa, the film shows a country torn apart by the struggle between government soldiers and rebel forces (Revolutionary United Front). Rival group also fight with each other control rich area with diamond. The

  • Relationship Between Greed And Grievance

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    “What is the relationship between greed and grievance as motivating factors in violent conflict? Use at least one case study to illustrate your argument” The greed and grievances theory provides opposing arguments as to what really are the causes for violent conflict. Scholars have conducted numerous researches on a number of violent conflicts in attempt to analyze to what extent greed or grievances appear to be motivating factors for violent conflicts such as civil wars etc. Those who believe

  • People Should Not Buy the Diamond

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    People Should Not Buy the Diamond “Blood diamond” reflects a dark and ferocious side of this gorgeous world that is full of vanity, cruelness and ambition. In Africa, Sierra Leone, there exist a lot of child soldiers that serve the RUF (Revolutionary United Front), and those people mine diamond from the warzone, and sell them into the official market. Therefore, the RUF gets the profits and uses it for illegal plans or terror attacks to threaten the country and the people. These behaviors and activities

  • Analysis Of Ishmael's '

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    This novel was a very enlightening, firsthand account of the atrocities of civil war that not only affect many countries and their citizens, but especially children. Ishmael Beah was separated from his family at age 12 because he and his brother were away from their home in the small country of West Africa known as Sierra Leone, performing in a rap group with friends, when their home village was attacked. Ishmael, his brother and their friends wandered from village to village in search of food and

  • A Long Way Gone Analysis

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    A Little boy forced into a man's shoe Ishmael Beah the boy who survived a war.Ishmael Beah wrote the memoir A Long Way Gone about himself surviving as a boy soldier for the RUF (Revolutionary United Front).Ishmael Beah writes in first person view so the experience is more involving to the reader.Ishmael Beah lived in Sierra leone a small country in Africa he was a little kid with his friends making a rap group on their way to a talent show until they heard screaming and people running.Ishmael Beah

  • War-related Sexual Violence in Sierra Leone

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    Due to several factors, including colonialism, inequities and greed caused by the presence of diamonds, and structural inadequacies there was a sense of discontent among many people (“War-Related Sexual Violence” 15-9). As a result, the Revolutionary United Front (RUF) invaded after training in Liberia, in an attempt to overthrow the incumbent government (Park 317). Because of their extensive combatant training and determination, the RUF took Sierra Leone by force and was very successful in the initial

  • Gone By Ishmael Beah

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    A long way gone by Ishmael Beah criticises drug abuse, the use of child soldiers, civil war, and child abuse. When Ishmael is twelve he travels to a neighboring village with a group of his friends to perform with a group of his friends to rap. While he’s away his village is attacked and destroyed. After this Ishmael and his group of travel around the country looking for food and water even resorting to stealing food and money. While wondering Ishmael is take and forced into his country's

  • The Economic Problem In The Film Blood Diamond

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    Every nation has a responsibility to its citizens to improve the economic, political and social well-being of its people. However, in the film Blood Diamond it is made clear that there is an exploitation of the people in Sierra Leone. This economic problem is fueled by three main concepts; poverty, production/resources and demand/supply. Through the analysis of the three main concepts it will be shown how the economic problem was the result of each sub-concept. In Blood Diamond we see examples