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  • Cultural Analysis : The Puerto Rican Community

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    the most striking observations I examined was the way in which culture was used to beautify and extol ethnic heritage during my first visit to downtown Holyoke. I witnessed culture functioning as an emblematic tool that was memorializing the Puerto Rican community through art murals, blaring salsa music [which dominated the air-resonance] and other manifestations that showcased Boricua ethos. Those same cultural cues remained during my second trip, but as I engaged more intimately with the residents

  • Story Of My Body Short Story

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    for the day without being judged. She was labled different, all she ever wanted to do was to be like everyone else. This eventually led to her being depressed. Within the story, Oritz Cofer describes how terrible she was treated due to her Puerto Rican heritage and skin color, and how she would never be able to fit in. Minorities of different complexions get ridiculed and judged for their skin color by many people every day. In this short story, Ortiz Cofer stated, “I was born a white girl in Puerto

  • The Bilingual Difference Essay

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    of age in different society from where they originally came from. Jairy’s Jargon a story written by Carmen-Gloria Ballista, is a story that encounters the life of a young girl coming of age in Puerto Rico, except she’s originally from New York. Milly Cepeda’s story, Mari y Lissy, is a story about twin sisters who differ in personality and are often at odds with each

  • The Role of Music During and After Puerto Rican Migration to the United States

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    During and After Puerto Rican Migration to the United States For Puerto Ricans, music served infinite purposes. It allowed for the formation and reformation of cultural views and opinions, through the lyrics in the songs. These views were constantly changing, which in turn fed into the ever evolving identity of the Puerto Rican people. As a vehicle of expression it stimulated thought and provided a method of communication for the community. In The Puerto Rican community of New York

  • Analysis Of Esmerelda Santiago 's Life

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    It’s hard to say that comparing two individual’s lives is an easy task. When looking at my life and Esmerelda Santiago’s life, the sociological imagination could be used to assist in doing that. The following concepts will be used to better understand the surprising similarities and differences: immigration, doing gender, conformist, double consciousness, deviance and traditional authority. I will start by analyzing Esmerelda Santiago’s life. Following that, I will analyze my life and will finish

  • Essay on Claims by Judith Ortiz

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    Puerto Rican whose writing often examines the conflict and the beauty of cultures mixing together, as people immigrate to America. Though she exhibits a strong connection to her Latin heritage, she often seems to also resent that part of her life. There are many standards and expectations in the Puerto Rican society which Cofer writes to subvert, viewing them negatively. As a Puerto Rican woman, Cofer often disagrees with the limits and expectations placed on a woman in Puerto Rican society, and

  • Comparing Pietri's Poem 'El Spanglish National Anthem'

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    partnership with U.S. colonizing companies, had disposed millions of Indians of their land” (32). The United States took over Mexican territory and resulted in disturbed families. Despite all the barriers, people still made a living and supported society. The area was their home and it did not let anything stop them from leaving their native land. They believed that they belonged there because they were born and raised on that land. It was their home and no one should expel anyone from the place people

  • Theme Of Immigration In West Side Story

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    Cultural interactions are important when it comes to settling during an immigration. The movie ‘West Side Story’ shows the way the Puerto Ricans tried to fit in and be a part of the New York City community. Once they got into New York City, the Puerto Ricans engaged themselves in various economic activities like working in stores for other people. The main theme of the West Side Story showed that intercultural relationships were an important part of the lives of the immigrants and emigrants of NYC

  • Identity And Personal Identity

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    school, or whatever adventure life has for me that particular day. Rinse, wash, repeat. I had no idea when I was in my teenage years that my life at 32 years old would be a tattooed, married, full time working, full time schooling, boring, Puerto Rican, animal lover. Well, the animal loving part I knew since I was maybe 2. I have many a self-concept, the set stable ideas a person has about who he or she is (Floyd 71), some are obvious and some are not so obvious. When people meet me, they see the

  • About Traditional Hispanic Food

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    Hispanic American: "Heritage" is defined as the customs and traditions that are handed down from generation to generation of families and society. A person with Latino heritage is a descendant of a family from Mexico, Central America, or South America. Peeps who are Hispanic are from a country where Spanish is spoken. Let's check out some of their traditions. Hispanic Food Hispanic foods have many different characteristics, but one of the main things that make it distinctive is that it tends to