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  • Analysis Of The Poem ' Sahgal '

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    Sati running to nearly twenty pages (119 to 136) sounds more like a scholarly dissertation on a subject of sociological importance rather than an authentic rendering of a personal tragedy. The long quotations from the Bombay courier or the “List of Hindoo Widows immolated” no doubt establish the veracity of the information given about Sati but the episode loses a degree of its impetus and ceases to grip the reader. The novel Rich Like Us, shows that the Sahgal has grown enormously both in her awareness

  • Similarities Between Ram And Rose In The Rich Like Us By Nayantarasahgal

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    NayantaraSahgal is one of the distinguished Indo English writers who write in the stream & national consciousness. She is a prolific writer and her literary canon consists of nine novels, two autobiographies and some non- fictional works. In fact, NayantaraSahgal has introduced a considerable number of autobiographical elements in her novels. For a question, she asserts that ‘all art is autobiographical’ (Women’s Space The Mosaic World Of Margaret Drabble AndNayantaraSahgal, 27).Her work ranges from

  • Analysis Of The Poem ' Twenty One Love Poems ' By Adrienne Rich

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    Adrienne Rich was a highly acclaimed twentieth-century poet who railed against war and the injustices in the world, and also used imagery that spoke tenderly of love—feelings that she sensed were both highly individual for her, but also universal. “Twenty-One Love Poems” were written between 1974-1976 to her lover of the time, and they track the course of the relationship through the sweet beginning stages, the development of mature love, and all the way through to its dissolution due to her partner’s

  • What Is The Relationship Between Inequality And Inequality

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    Modernity (being modern) is something which only the rich can afford. The poor rarely get a chance of being modernized due to a lack of money and other facilities. Since the poor are not 'modern enough' they are subjected to inequality in everyday tasks. This paper will discuss how the poor are treated and the relationship between the words 'modernity, inequality and poverty.' Faiz's poem Kutte is an example of how the poor are treated like dogs and are

  • The Famished Road

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    The Famished Road fits the description above. Some of the characters (Azaro and his father) feel that the world is very corrupt. The only way to climb up the social ladder is to join the detested Party of the Rich. They cannot have any real impact on the world because they are living in horrible poverty and belong to the Party of the Poor. To compensate for their poverty, they spend most of their time dreaming. Azaro’s father plans to build houses for the poor, tar all the roads, clear away all the

  • Advantages Of Raising Taxes On The Rich

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    Raising Taxes on the Rich The United Sates debt and deficit is a major problem in our society. One thing I would propose to the President would be to tax the rich. It is useful to keep in mind how the rich and the poor are different. When you are poor, you are willing to trade your time to earn money. When you are rich, you trade your money to get time. For example, the rich hire people to do stuff for them like cleaning their homes and doing other stuff for them they don’t want to do or they don’t

  • Government Should Tax The Rich And Money

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    In this video part 1, Sandel discuss the problem of libertarian view on government. One of the libertarian view of government is that the government should never be redistribution of tax, which mean tax the rich and give it to the poor. The reason is because libertarian believe in individual right and that a person should have the freedom to live a life that they wanted to live that if a person earn those money through hard work, then taking money away from them through simply having them to pay

  • Analysis Of Diving Into The Wreck

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    explorers. “I am having to do this/not like Cousteau with his/assiduous team/aboard the sun-flooded schooner/but here alone” (Rich 8-12). Here she is showing her lonesomeness compared to the adventures of Cousteau and his team. There is also an image within this line that stands out from the rest which is in line 11, “sun-flooded schooner,” which contrasts her situation and journey and shows us how gloomy it really is going on this adventure by herself (Rich). Going forth through the poem, the tone

  • What Is Class Warfare In America?

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    opinion about class warfare. Yes I believe there is class warfare in America, but not only between rich and poor but also between the political class and the rest of the citizen. For most forget about getting rich; if you look around, most of us would be happy in just leading moderately comfortable lives. For most of us hard working people the greatest obstacle to becoming rich I believe is “the rich”. Many of the richest Americans are seen happy funding a political movement and willing to destroy