Richardsonian Romanesque

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  • Orton Hall Essay

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    of the center datum and added rectangles. The last change is the addition of semi-circles to the north and west side. The main reason for the addition of these semicircles is due to the influence of the Romanesque style of architecture. Orton Hall is an ideal example of the Richardsonian Romanesque style. This style is from the 19th century and was popularized by architect Henry Hobson Richardson. Aspects of this style which are all incorporated into Orton Hall include a heavy stone exterior, tower

  • The Era Of The Industrial Revolution

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    nineteenth century who were influenced by the architectural revivals were: Richard Morris Hunt, the leading architect to the Beaux Art style; and Henry Hobson Richardson, the father of the Richardsonian Romanesque architecture. The

  • Sacred Medieval Architecture

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    referred to as “Romanesque”, named for the use Roman architectural elements. Round towers are a distinctive feature of Ottonian Churches. Four such towers can be found at St. Michael’s in Hildesheim. Romanesque permeated Western Europe, finally restoring order to a culturally fractured continent. One advancement in Romanesque style was decoration. Romanesque buildings featured many more architectural sculptures than Carolingian or Ottonian churches. One of the best places for Romanesque sculpture was

  • ART 108 Assignment 1 Essay

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    Assignment 1 Answer the following questions and submit through the Assignments icon. 1. How does the word Renaissance reflect the changes in the world of art during the time period discussed in Chapter 12? The word Renaissance, the French word for “rebirth”, denotes a selfconscious revival of interest in ancient Greek and Roman texts and culture that is reflected in the work of most of the artists. 2. How does Nicola Pisano in the Pulpit, Pisa Baptistry show the influence of Roman style? The Nicola

  • Medieval Architecture Essay

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    thousand years. They can be categorized into three phases; Pre-Romanesque, Romanesque and Gothic. The most important buildings during medieval times were religious, defensive and governmental or power related. Figure 1 – Sarcophagus of Abbess

  • The Importance And Influence Of The Romanesque Era

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    ability to spread across a whole region. A period that specifically displayed this capability was the Romanesque era. The Romanesque era was a period in time which was actually not based on the premise of geographical location or political stance, but more on the premise of the artistry and architectural design during that time (Kleiner, 2014). It is suggested that the influence of the Romanesque artistic styles was largely due to the volume of pilgrimages that were taking place in search of sacred

  • An Essay On Howardian Hills

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    The Howardian Hills is a remarkable landscape, revered for its aesthetic, historical and ecological features. Its designation as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) was confirmed in 1987, in recognition of its importance to the national landscape. An AONB designation is, as the name implies, ‘an outstanding landscape whose distinctive character and natural beauty are so precious’, that it needs safeguarding in the national interest. The Howardian Hills AONB covers an area of 79 square miles

  • The Kentucky Derby Fever

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    His racetrack was made of clay instead of the normal sandy substances. He also had his races ran counterclockwise, other traditional races are ran. ( Katte pg 14-16 ) A difference constructed in 1895, were the spires were added to bring in more people and add glamour to the building. Joseph Dominic Baldez was the head of construction for the building. (Chew pg 57-60) He constructed the spires to add to the effect of beauty of Churchill Downs. He thought that Churchill Downs need a more striking

  • Medieval Cathedrals

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    especially women valued the chivalry because the women were honored.” Romanesque architecture, although beautiful was not built to be a representation of power, but a reflection of valor and chivalry. Many people at this time were trying to focus on building a functioning society while building it to be structurally sound, later they will focus on outdoing one another when they have established a functioning community. Romanesque cathedrals were built to last, this is a reflection of valor. “If a

  • Sacred Heart Gothic Architecture

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    Tampa's oldest Catholic Church is Sacred Heart Catholic Church on 509 N. Florida Avenue in downtown Tampa. The Church is a beautiful Romanesque cathedral with a Gothic feel and detail. Built in 1898 this church is exquisite when entering the nave, a floor made of small mosaic tiles that lead you to a dome pendentive covered with beautiful paintings. Walking through the church it is easy to see the Roman influences as seen in the Anthemius of Tralles, Basilica of Maxentius, and Basilica of Constantine