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  • Similes In Norman Mailer's The Death Of Benny Paet

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    weaknesses. He does this by creating contrasting views from the first paragraph where Paret is a proud champion, to the second paragraph where he is weak and being “demolished.” Mailer described Paret’s opponent, Griffith as being “like a cat ready to rip the life out of a huge boxed rat” and his attack on Paret with his “right hand like a piston rod which has broken through the crankcase” as well as “like a baseball bat demolishing a pumpkin.” The use of these similes show that Norman Mailer had viewed

  • How Art Has A Strong Influence On Finding A Person 's Identity Essay

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    In our current technological era, the beauty of art and literature has been forgotten despite its heavy importance in the past. For my Rhetoric-In-Practice project, I wanted to create a product that corresponds with the message of Emily St. John Mandel’s Station Eleven. I created a website that highlights the message of the novel that art has a strong influence in finding a person’s identity. This website is intended to be accessed by a technological literate audience of all ages since this type

  • Tide and Weathering Chemical Weathering Essay

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    Frost action Carbonation   标记此问题 问题 2 0.8 分 What type of tide is indicated by the orientation in the image below? What type of tide is indicated by the orientation in the image below? Neap tide Spring tide Storm tide Rip tide   标记此问题 问题 3 0.8 分 Using the photo below, what evidence is there that a glacier took away half of "Half Dome." (HINT: It's the same evidence that Wegener used). Using the photo below, what evidence is there that a glacier took away half

  • Essay about Cultural Expectations in a Selection of Texts

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    follow the same expectations. We have had quite a few stories in this class where we focused on cultural expectations. Rip in "Rip Van Winkle," Editha and George in "Editha and Major Molineux in "My Kinsman, Major Molineux" are all victims of cultural expectations. Let me start with "Rip Van Winkle." This story actually takes place in two different time periods. Before Rip fell asleep, he was living in the pre-colonial era of the United States. He was expected to work and take care of his family

  • Creative Writing: Magnifying The Moment

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    I hit the icy water hard, and knew that my stomach would surely have cuts on it later. That is, if I even got out. I was just inches from the jagged rocks, and my body was suddenly forced towards them. The rip current was so heavy, that I could barely move my limbs. I slammed against a rock and struggled to keep conscious. My head felt so heavy and sore, and my mind kept fading in and out. my body was numb from the cold water and was pushed under the water

  • Short Story On Make America Great Again

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    Run faster!” yelled Rip Van Winkle as he jumped around his living room cheering on Reggie White and the Green Bay Packers as they faced off with the New England Patriots in Superbowl XXI. “How many times do I have to tell you to be quiet?” exclaimed Dame Van Winkle, Rip’s unadoring and nagging wife. “Fine,” snapped Rip as turned off the TV and marched towards the door, almost tripping over his daughter’s Rapunzel Barbie, “I will just go to David’s house and watch the game.” As Rip walked through the

  • Essay on Rip Van Winkle and the Revolutionary War

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    The short story, “Rip Van Winkle”, is a tale of a man who went up into the mountains and after a long string of odd events went to sleep. He woke up twenty years later. He went from being use to what the world was like before the Revolutionary War of the United States to how things changed after the war. When he came back from the mountain he found that his wife and friends were gone. His children were grown up and living in this new world that he had stumbled into. He found that changes had been

  • Washington Irving's Rip Van Winkle Shapes American Culture Essay

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    Washington Irving's Rip Van Winkle Shapes American Culture "Darkness...lowers upon my mind, and the times are so hard they sicken my soul," says Washington Irving in a letter to a friend (Letters 446). This statement reveals Irving's intense emotional condition, and in many ways indicates the intense social atmosphere as well as his personal conflicts, during the composition of The Sketch Book. Upon the bankruptcy of his family's fortune, of which he depended on solely for his monetary

  • Rip Van Winkle and the American Dream Essay

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    In Rip Van Winkle, Irving shows his doubts in the American Identity and the American dream. After the Revolutionary war, America was trying to develop its own course. They were free to govern their own course of development; however, some of them had an air of uncertainties on their own identity in this new country. Irving was born among this generation in the newly created United States of America, and also felt uncertainty about the American identity. Irving might be the writer that is the least

  • Comparison Between John Smith and William Bradford

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    In Washington Irving’s “Rip Van Winkle,” an allegorical reading can be seen. The genius of Irving shines through, in not only his representation in the story, but also in his ability to represent both sides of the hot political issues of the day. Because it was written during the revolutionary times, Irving had to cater to a mixed audience of Colonists and Tories. The reader’s political interest, whether British or Colonial, is mutually represented allegorically in “Rip Van Winkle,” depending on