Risk factors

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  • Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System

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    I. Background The Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System or BRFSS is a health survey conducted in the United States. This system uses this health surveys to look at behavioral risk factors within the United States (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2013). The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is in charged of the BRFSS. The individual state health departments in the United States also conduct the BRFSS. The health surveys are conducted by telephone. It is considered the world’s

  • The Role Of Protective Factors That Are Involved With Risk Factors

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    Fourgere stated, “Resilience is one of purported protective factor that has been highlighted as being of potential importance.” This was stated in regards of some protective factors that are involved with risk factors in offenders. Protective factors are those supposedly known to relate to positive outcomes. Protective factors are those conditions or attributes such as skills, strength, resources, supports, or coping strategies in individuals, families, communities or larger societies that help people

  • Factor Analysis Of Information Risk

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    Factor Analysis of Information Risk (FAIR) Factor Analysis of Information Risk (FAIR) is a framework for understanding, analyzing and measuring information risk (Violino, 2010). FAIR is a Value at Risk (VaR) model for cyber security and operational risk and is considered an international standard by The Open Group. The FAIR model quantifies information risk in financial terms using a scientific approach (RiskLens, 2015). Other risk models measure risk in qualitative terms based on the opinions of

  • Factors Affecting The Political Risk

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    partly free. The dependent variable is the political risk. It provides an overview of the political stability in a particular country. The scale is designed to show the greatest value to the lowest risk and the lowest value of the highest risk. Economic, demographic, and geographic indicators are also included in the econometric specifications being control variables thus ensuring the analysis affecting the political risk. The political risk

  • Risk Factor Based Portfolio Investment Strategies

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    INTRODUCTION INTO RISK-FACTOR BASED PORTFOLIO INVESTMENT STRATEGIES 1.1 What is factor-based investing? Consider one of the most urgent problems of modern financial management, namely portfolio management. Analysis of this issue primarily is interesting for the head of analytical department of banks and investment companies and private investors. Risk (also found in the literature, the term total risk) of stockssecurities is the uncertainty of its income at the end of the investment period. Risk is measured

  • Students Face Risk Factors For The Academic Achievement

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    process which refers to students who face risk factors and succeeds academically where the achievement gap claims they should fail. These students face risk factors such as racism, violence, and low socio-economic status and still manage to excel academically. Resilience Theory addresses that people demonstrate to rise and succeed as long as the risk factors are alleviated. The four factors associated with resilience theory are “risk factors, protective factors, vulnerability areas, and compensatory

  • Social Factors in Probation: Calculating Probationer Risk

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    Running Head: CALCULATING PROBATIONER RISK ________________________________________________________________________ Calculating Probationer Risk Student's Name Course Title April 1, 2013 Calculating Probationer Risk Once an offender has served their time in prison they are released back into the community. Many of these offenders will face months or years of community supervision by the correctional system, a program designed to help them transition to civilian life and reduce recidivism rates

  • Factors That Influence Risk Management

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    That’s why the concern for risk management practices is also on the rise as there have been number of report on unfortunate incidents related to safety measures in the three sectors. The development of risks study and its implication have been adopted as people now aware of their own safety and others as well. Therefore, this essay want to address different factors that influence risk management decision and how to minimise the chance of that could

  • Psychology, Risk and Safety: Factors Influencing Risk Perception of Ironworkers

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    Articles Psychology, Risk & Safety In his article, Mr. Dominic Cooper highlights four important factors that influence the perception of risk. Risk perceptions are determined by people’s personality, behavior, attitude, and situations (Cooper, 2003). However, a person’s personality and the situation encountered directly influence risk perceptions while the other factors have a contributing role. Personality, for instance, is considered by the author as one of the main factors influencing the way

  • Internal And Internal Factors, Internal, And Financial Risks Of Internationalization

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    2. Literature Review and Hypotheses 2.1. OC Paradigm The traditional internationalization models regard that firms’ capabilities (internal factors) lead firms to make internationalizing activities. On the contrary, OC paradigm refers to internationalization as a process that internal and external factors interact so that firms obtain a competitive advantage in the global level (Mathews & Zander, 2007). According to this innovative model, firms achieve superior performance by adapting and integrating